Here’s a funny story for you.  Just finished two days of NY press for the film. Nothing much to report there. Except one guy asked me at a “roundtable” if I’d ever shoot films for other directors again. Could have just been the jet lag but I almost threw him out the window. No, that’s not the funny story. 

The premiere of the film was sponsored by the GenArt Film Festival last Friday here in NY. The audience comprised primarily their guests who were excited to see the movie and to see Steve Buscemi, Callie Thorne and Kevin Corrigan who were the only actors in the film actually in town. I had met Kieran Culkin a few months ago. I invited him and his younger brother Rory. So, that was our celebrity guest list. We did the traditional red carpet photo shots (though in this case it was actually brown plaid because we were in the lower level of the Tribeca Grand Hotel). There were a surprisingly large number of paparazzi who went lunged after the Culkin brothers like hunger-crazed hyenas. Then I quickly introduced the film and went upstairs to eat while the film played.

At the dinner were my producer Bob Salerno and his wife Tina, my wife Jane and Steve Buscemi and his wife Jo. Callie and Kevin stayed to watch the film.Still no funny story yet. 

After dinner we headed back down to the theater to do a Q&A. Just as I was about to walk in front of the audience Salerno whispered to me, “Someone said Michael Pitt is in the audience.” I went out, introduced the cast then looked up and said, “I just heard a rumor that Michael Pitt is here. Is that true?”

A moment later Michael stood up and joined us on stage to a surge of applause from the crowd. I embraced him. There. Right there. That’s the funny story. You know why? Because there are certain stories in this business that 


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  1. Dear Tom:

    Last night, my wife Debbie and I had the pleasure of attending the TIME OUT NEW YORK special screening of DELIRIOUS at the Angelika. What can I say beyond, I loved your film? Lots more actually, as I wrote about it over at my blog, MERE WORDS:

    Taking last night’s suggestion to heart (Debbie’s the woman who asked you what could we do to help create a grass-roots initiative to ensure the success of DELIRIOUS), I’ve cross-posted my review to various sites around the Web.

    Anyway, thanks for making another great film (I’m a huge fan of LIVING IN OBLIVION). It was an added treat to get to see you in person last night and hear you talk (too bad they didn’t advertises that upfront, as I’m sure many of the people who left would’ve enjoyed the experience, as well).

    Best regards,

    Kevin Avery

  2. Hey Kevin,
    Thanks so much for your kind words and enormously appreciated support. Imagine my surprise last night when I arrived to do the q&a and had to step aside as there was a mass exodus from the theater. Yeah, someone forgot to tell people I was coming. As angry as I was it was hard to walk down there and start talking but I am sincerely glad I did. I’m even more glad you stayed.
    Much obliged.

  3. Dicillo sounds like a kind of alcoholic beverage. “What’ll you have?” “Dicillo please. Leave the bottle.”
    Anyway, I haven’t actually been to a director Q and A before, but I’ve listened to them online. I always hate the guy who gets to ask his question and it is absurdly dumb. I hope THAT guy wasn’t there.
    I guess I should say I like the blog. It’s entertaining, funny and a good way to keep up with the film. Will you continue to blog after Delirious?

  4. That’s not a bad idea, Sarah. I should create my own liquor; something with grain alcohol, benzedrine, benzine, daytime Advil and nightime NyQuil.
    I do like the Q&A. Yes, sometimes you get a few boneheads but if you really make an effort to connect with the audience by and large the discussions are rewarding. Plus, if someone asks me a stoopit question I make sure to let them know it.
    I will try to keep the blog going. I’m glad you like it. I’m working on a new post now. It does take time. And I suppose I do have to think about getting another film going…

  5. Tom,

    Thanks for your kind comments over at my blog.

    One question I should have asked at the Q&A Tuesday evening, how did you get Costello involved in the project? Perhaps fodder for a future blog post…

    Speaking of which, I’ve enjoyed reading my way back to the beginning. Looking forward to more of the same.

    Kindest regards,


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