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  1. Hello Tom,

    I have just recently been introduced to your films, very impressive, keep up the good work! Your list of recommended films is interesting, and I am curious, what are the two or three films that most inspired you to become a filmaker when you were younger and why? Also, I have noticed there aren’t any films made in the last decade on this page. If you had to pick one, what would it be? Thanks for your posts, your communication with film fans is much appreciated.

    best wishes,

    Thomas, N. Ireland

    1. Hey Thomas,
      Thanks for writing. I was turned on to the idea of a different kind of film when I was 20. I joined a film society at my college and had my mind blown first by Fellini’s La Strada. Around that same time I was deeply influenced by Midnight Cowboy, Slaughterhouse 5, Masculin Feminin, Viridiana, The 400 Blows and Rashamon.

      All of those films are focused on themes and ideas that are deeply human. Most of them also have an odd sense of humor. Something about that combination really excites me and perhaps that is why I am drawn to attempting films like that of my own.

      There are several films on the recommended list that are from the past decade; Mulholland Dr., Pan’s Labrynth, Naked, Thin Red Line and Sexy Beast. But, I would also add Fargo, The Trip, Oh Brother Where Art Thou and most recently The Separation to the list.

      It would be very hard to pick one though. Perhaps this week I will choose Mulholland Dr because it remains one of few truly innovative films of the last 10 years. As I’ve said, David Lynch is one of the rare filmmakers who is actually creating new film language.


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