Lighthouse Road is a contemporary crime thriller with an intense sexual undercurrent. Dev is a young US soldier just back from Iraq. His army buddy Mueller gets him a job on an estate, helping take care of the owner’s fleet of luxury cars. Though Dev is grateful for Mueller’s friendship there is something strained between them. Mueller and Bowman, their squad leader in Mosul, had sexually abused a young Iraqi girl. While Dev did not participate, he feels deeply guilty for not being able to stop them.

Lina comes to the estate twice a week to give the owner a lengthy massage. Immediately afterwards she plunges into the pool and swims naked with a fervor that almost suggests she’s trying to cleanse herself. When she meets Dev something instantly sparks between them.

Lina was sexually abused as a young girl and has formed a complex way of dealing with her trauma. Dev is spellbound by her. When she half-jokingly suggests a plan to intercept some drug money, he blindly joins her.

Lina is not stupid. Her plan actually makes sense. But, Mueller finds out about it and Dev and Lina are forced to include him. One night after the owners have left for the weekend, Mueller throws a wild, drunken party around the estate’s pool. At the height of its insanity Dev is stunned to see Bowman is there. Bowman is Dev’s mortal enemy. No charges were ever pressed after the incident with the Iraqi girl. Dev is the only other person besides Mueller who knows about it. Bowman is just crazy enough to make sure Dev never talks, ever. Worse, someone has told Bowman of Lina’s plan.

Dev suspects it may have been Lina. When he confronts her she erupts in rage, accusing him of betraying her faith in him. Finally, they reach an uneasy truce with Dev still unsure how Bowman found out. The inclusion of Mueller and now Bowman actually provide some muscle and reassurance as Lina and Dev are complete novices, but it is clear that Bowman’s interest is entirely personal and he could turn on them all in a second.

And so, Lina’s simple, almost childlike plan, inches into action. Once it does things leap forward more quickly than anyone could have imagined. It does not go well. Lina gets abducted by the sudden appearance of an eastern European drug lord and Dev finds himself once again facing a grave personal challenge. Now completely alone, he sets out to find Lina, and to save her.

As the film ends, a deep, crimson dawn breaks over the ocean. Lina and Dev cling together in the water; a sense now they both have been cleansed, freed of the ghosts of their pasts.

The film will draw upon some of the strongest elements of classic Film Noir but will not be nostalgic or imitative. The personal struggles of the lead protagonists are psychologically real and give depth and complexity to them. The film is highly sexual with a sharp and suspenseful plot to which great attention has been made to make every twist in it believable.

Financing is still wide open. Looking to cast two very strong and committed young actors for Dev and Lina. The film depends on us caring about them; caring deeply.

Written, and to be directed by Tom DiCillo.

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