Lost In Blue is a sexy comedy with the emphasis on sex. It’s about an American couple, Blythe and Garrett, who decide to spend a month on a secluded European island to renew their relationship. Although they both are equally committed to this renewing what actually happens, to their great surprise, is that they realize they should not be together.

Each finds another partner on the island and the sex is exhilarating, liberating and extremely enthusiastic. The script was partly inspired by some of the great French and Italian sex comedies from the 60’s, like Divorce Italian Style. Like Box of Moonlight, the script touches again on the idea of freedom and what people do when confronted with it.

The film will focus keenly on sensation, pleasure, light, color, joy, humor and the thrill of finally doing what you’ve only dreamed of.

Rene Bastian from Belladonna is producing. At the moment there is significant interest from an Italian co-financier with the idea of shooting the film on an Italian island in the Mediterranean. Once the participants are finalized then we will begin making offers to American actors for the two leads.

Written and to be directed by, Tom DiCillo.

2 thoughts on “LOST IN BLUE”

  1. of the three ideas, i just love this one!! simple, the truth, but probably much more difficult to make than the other two. go for it, tom.

    i hope you both are well and have a healthy new year.


    1. Oh, Allan; I wish it was a simple as that. I’ve been aching to make this one since 2004. But, I really appreciate your response to it. I agree, it has something that could be amazing. It is great to hear from you. I return the wishes for a happy and healthy New Year with emphatic enthusiasm.

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