Years Of Summers is a fast, breezy comedy about a once-famous young novelist who ends up teaching English Lit at a small liberal arts college. Like all the other teachers there, Noah tries to write during the summers, desperate to publish another book as successful as his first one.

But something is just not working. As another of his books comes out to indifferent reviews Noah faces a crisis of identity. His only solace is the security of pending tenure which unfortunately increases his fears that heĀ is being dragged deeper and deeper into the calcified world of academia.

I wrote the script with Alex Green, based upon his original idea. Alex is a writer and teacher. The stories he told me about the good-natured idiocy of some of his students made me howl with laughter and disbelief. Many of them have been integrated into the script and all are based on truth.

Noah meets Brix Lively, a sexy and successful young writer who comes to Deverlin to teach for a semester. Thinking she can save him, Noah falls for her hard–knowing all the time that several other male faculty members have fallen for her as well.

The film combines some of the sensibility of The Graduate with Fast Times At Ridgmont High; except the focus is mainly on the teachers. What excites me the most about it is the balls-out portrayal of the teachers’ distress when dealing with students who are blissfully unaware thatĀ Hitler has been dead for almost 70 years.

The script is riddled with contemporary references to everything from Lady Gaga to Jersey Shore.

There is strong interest in the script and consistent praise for the writing. Financing is still wide open. Casting Noah is crucial.

Written by Tom DiCillo and Alex Green. To be directed by Tomn DiCillo.

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