When You’re Strange flier poster




Jim Morrison in studio recording Soft Parade   Jim Morrison as the “hitchhiker” in his film HWY and freeze-frame from When You’re Strange Jim Morrison

Morrison with fans at the Singer Bowl 1968 Jim Morrison Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison Morrison’s self-published book of poetry Morrison in his film HWY and freeze-frame from When You’re Strange Morrison as the wanderer in When You’re Strange


DELIRIOUS film stills

Toby and the Jackelope Toby has a private conversation Going where the lights are green Adoration

The Night continues Dana teaches Toby about Barbie dolls Toby in love Les and Toby wait for Beef

Les meets Toby Les has a laser eye Les and Shot Heard Round The World Les prepares for shooting

Kharma sings more Kharma calls Toby


DiCillo with Alison Lohman and David Wain DiCillo and Pitt on street DiCillo directs Cinque Lee DiCillo directs Michael Pitt

DiCillo and Buscemi on street DiCillo watches a scene Pitt, DiCillo and Buscemi (behind door) 

JOHNNY SUEDE film stills

DiCillo and Brad Pitt Nick Cave as Freak Storm Calvin Levels as Deke with Johnny Catherine Keener as Yvonne

Johnny and Darlette (Alison Moir) DiCillo and Pitt day one. Johnny and his idol.






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