Here’s another track by The Black & Blue Orkestre; updated by Will Crewdson on guitars, Grog on bass and DiCillo on vocals.

  St. James Infirmary


Will Been Song audio link

New song by the Black & Blue Orkestre. Written by Tom DiCillo. Guitars, percussion, synths and arrangement by Will Crewdson. Bass by Grog. Vocals, Tom DiCillo.


16 TONS.

I recorded this song when the money fell through on Delirious for the 7th time. The middle verse/primal scream came right after the phone call from the financier saying he was pulling out. I include the song here not to seek the interest of the judges on American Idol but because I think this version really does epitomize the day to day experience of an independent filmmaker. The guitar is entirely Will Crewdson, the other half of The Black and Blue Orkestre.

16 Tons


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