Here’s a radio interview with Today Is Boring, hosted by Adam and Tree Carr, film and music enthusiasts based in the UK. The broadcast is archived and listenable here. We  covered several of my films with special focus on When You’re Strange. Both Adam and Tree are well-versed in independent film and many kinds of music and are well worth checking out.

 Tree and Adam are currently making a documentary with / about British artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster, which will be premiered at the Gagosian Gallery with a show by Noble and Webster themselves in 2011. Tree and Adam also do ‘film events’, such as their LIVE, FROM DYSTOPIA series, which features the screening of a film, minus the original audio, accompanied by a live score, usually improvised … as well as their regular club night SWITCHBLADE, which features the screening of a obscure but infamous film you need to see before you die, and outré DJs for heroes and zeroes. Tree is a musician, and currently working on a whole bunch of varied music projects you want to know about.

Here is a phone interview with Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (alias Oded Fluss and Oren Siegel) who have a cool radio show in Jerusalem.  We talked about all my films, early influences, music, The Doors and the thrills of independent financing and distribution. You can listen here:

Part 1: Intro, Film Influences, Johnny Suede, Working With Actors.

Part 2:  Making Johnny Suede, casting Brad Pitt, Catherine Keener.

Part 3: Making Delirious, casting Steve Buscemi, celebrity.

Part 4: Making Living In Oblivion, raising money from actors, initial concept.

Part 5: Making Box Of Moonlight, casting John Turturro, Sam Rockwell.

Part 6: Making Double Whammy, distribution nightmares.

Part 7: State of Independent Film.

Part 8: The Doors documentary When You’re Strange.

Part 9: New projects, music in film, working with composers.

Here’s what Oded and Oren have to say for themselves:

We are two music enthusiasts who prefer the knowledgeable and creative over the catchy and mundane. Our Jekyll and Hyde Show has grown in respect due to our playing and interviewing solely artists we respect and admire. Our show is broadcast weekly on the nonprofit radio station 106FM Jerusalem, which, for some reason, gives us complete freedom over our curious encounters with the arts and entertainment world. We are always looking for new and interesting creators, so feel free to contact us at our myspace accounts:


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