HURT ME TENDER is the first album by The Black and Blue Orkestre.

Black and Blue release flyer

For 6 years the band consisted of Will Crewdson in the UK and Grog Roxx in LA in a trans-atlantic musical consortium in which the entire album was recorded via email.

All Black and Blue Orkestre tracks can be heard on Soundcloud. In addition to the originals we’ve recorded several covers including 16 Tons, Ring of Fire, A Girl Like You and The Wanderer.

First started as a duo with DiCillo and Will Crewdson in 2006, Grog Roxx joined in 2008 and the threesome recorded together until 2013. Since then Will Crewdson has moved on to solo projects and performing with several well-known bands. DiCillo and Grog are still recording together as The Black and Blue Orkestre.

The sound is a little dark and cinematic with a strong groove. Here is one of my early descriptions of our recording process:

“I record the vocals and a very basic arrangement and email the tracks to Will. He lays down all the guitars then I do a rough edit adding percussion and synths and send this to Grog who writes and records the bass line. Over time we’ve wised up and sent the raw vocal and beat tracks to Grog first.

It’s a pretty amazing process. There is no boss. Everyone gives each other respect and freedom. I enjoy this trans-global collaboration. I’ve met Grog once. We’ve never been in a studio together. Will has been over to my apartment for an hour and actually recorded some guitar for Will Been Done, another track of ours, but he started over when he got back to London and we threw it all out. Interesting what happens when ego disappears.”

Here are some early announcements from the band, dating back to 2006 when Will Crewdson first contacted me after he’d been to a screening of Delirious in London.

16 Tons

This is the first song for The Black & Blue Orkestre. I recorded the basic tracks when the money fell through on Delirious for the 7th time. The middle verse/primal scream came right after the phone call from the last financier saying he was pulling out. Thus, the graphic of the naked man pushing the giant reel of film up the hill–a reasonably accurate portrait of the day to day experience of an independent filmmaker. The guitar is entirely Will Crewdson. The background vocal is by his girlfriend Geeta.


1 More Whiskey Promise

This is one I wrote. I sent Will my vocal and drum track and he added all the guitars, percussion and synths. He sent it to Grog in LA and she dropped in the bass. It was renamed Whiskey Promise and was the first original song that became the basis of our first album, Hurt Me Tender.

St. James Infirmary

An old standard Black & Blue-ified. In other words considerably updated by Will Crewdson on guitars, Grog on bass and DiCillo on vocals.



I suggested Grog sing on this one as well. She’s got an incredible voice. Both she and Will have major projects elsewhere. Grog and her band Die So Fluid have just released a new album and Will recently spent several months recording with Adam Ant.

Slide On

This is a kind of a funk, gospel rocker that I wrote as a semi-instrumental. Grog suggested I write some real lyrics and it ends up she was right. I played some guitar on this one; Will played a lot more.

The most up to date info on THE BLACK AND BLUE ORKESTRE.

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