Wow, the 100th post. Perhaps it is significant this one is about…music.

The Black & Blue Orkestre has just finished a new track called FROZEN SUNSET.

This one is an instrumental, but don’t let that fool you. I’m pretty sure it will take you on a journey that will thrill and chill.

It basically started when I finally decided to try and fix my keyboard after 6 months of wonkiness. While I was testing it I played a few chords on a rhythmic patch, just to see if it was working. Then, just for the hell of it, I recorded the test, thinking maybe one day I’ll use it somewhere.

The next day I plugged in my guitar and laid some whammy bar chords down over it, again just for the hell of it–and to my utter amazement something crazy started to happen. I dropped in some drums and percussion fx and sent the track first to Will Crewdson who composed and laid down all the sparkling, interwoven guitar solos.

Then we sent it to Grog who wrote and laid down the bass; an amazing living pulse that drives the whole groove.

Ain’t music a crazy thang?


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4 thoughts on “ 100. FROZEN SUNSET ”

  1. Hey Tom,

    Congrats on the 100th post! I love what you describe about how this particular track came together. Reminded me of how you’ve described “Living in Oblivion” in the past – amazing how many great things come from “play” and when all parties are open to the experience.

    The song is great – I hope you can put it in a film at some point. Sounded like a great track to have playing.

    I’m still here, waiting to get the CD when y’all put one together!


  2. 100!!! That is very cool. When I found out about your blog, around the time you was doing When You’re Strange, I thought it was so well-written, witty and entertaining that I started to read it from the very beginning. It was like reading a very ,very good book,. I read every entry ever since. I don’t comment as much as before because I feel what I have to say is so uninspired compared to what you write. But I am always checking to see if there are new entries and it’s always a treat to find one. This blog somehow became part of my life. Thanks for writing it and congratulations on getting to a 100. 🙂

    1. Hey Renata,
      Great to hear from you again. Your words touch me deeply. I am honored and amazed that you find something of interest here. I wish I had the time to write more often. I wrote a post about Rush Limbaugh but I ended up shelving it because it was too intense.

      Knowing you may be waiting to read more will certainly serve as an inspiration.
      My best to you,

  3. Hi Tom,
    I understand writing something very intense about that despicable, HYPOCRITICAL slimeball. Maybe it’s not cool to hate people but in some cases I can’t help it and this is one of them. Because I feel he does not deserve any attention at all, I am glad you did not publish that entry in your blog. He does not seem to belong here anyway. Or in any civilized environment really. Ideally he should slide back into the snake pit hell he came from and be forgotten forever and that’s it.
    However, if you at any point feel like sharing what you wrote with someone who obviously CAN’T and WON’T find it TOO intense, feel free to send it to my e-mail.:)
    As for not writing here more often, I think just having this blog and allowing people to interact with you is already incredibly generous of you! Anything you write, whenever you can, is appreciated.
    Best wishes,

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