I’m happy to announce that The Black & Blue Orkestre has a brand new vocal track called BALL & CHAIN.

This one originated from a guitar loop I made from a fragment of a Chuck Berry song about a train ride to hell. I didn’t have any lyrics except for this fragment that hit me one day 15 years ago when I was walking down the street:

Mama said, yeah
Papa said, no,
I said, kiss my ass yeah the bof of yo.
Kiss it again where the sun don’t shine
And when I’m gone kiss it one more time.

That seemed like a good place to start. Never expected it to end up where it did. Grog composed and performed a very gutsy–actually she used the word ‘ballsy’–bass line that rumbles along like a race car with stone wheels. Will took over from there and fleshed out all the guitars, from the punch-crunch rhythm to the wailing leads. If you listen close you might hear me poking out a little organ riff.

I like what the song is about. Yeah, maybe a word or two is auto-griobaphical but there may also be a hint of what I learned from doing The Doors film; especially in the area of Morrison and his family.

See what you think.

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5 thoughts on “ 104. BALL & CHAIN ”

  1. Love it! I think this is the best one yet!

    Great lyrics, bass & guitar throughout are haunting and stimulating at the same time. So glad to see a new song and blog post when I checked your blog this morning 🙂

    Keep up the great work, y’all!

  2. Tom, It is good to hear your staying out of trouble, though I do like you best when you are in trouble!

  3. Hey T,

    I’ve listened to this song a few more times, and I think one of the things I love about it is that the nugget that came to you 15 years ago, eventually became part of this song, y’alls creative and collaborative effort. Often times it’s the random thoughts, phrases, heck even titles that wind up being part of something bigger.

    From what I’ve read, Stephen King’s “Misery” book started with him writing 1 line of dialogue on an airplane napkin after he woke up from a dream. Eventually it became a book and a (really creepy!) film, but I love that it started from a scribble on an airplane napkin.

    Just thought I’d add that I think it’s cool how this morphed into what I consider y’alls best song yet. And yes, I am still campaigning for y’all to do a live concert. I will provide free whiskey if it will help the stage fright 🙂


    1. Thanks Elaine. Yeah, the flow of ideas is mysterious. It just shows you should never discount one. It is fascinating to me that the intent of those original lyrics was not as clear to me then as it is now. And yet, the words came to me apparently 15 years before I really understood them.

      In taking the songs a little more seriously I see how hard it is to write a good one. The best songs are like cinematic poems. Every word and beat needs to count. At least that’s what Lady Gaga told me.


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