Over the past few weeks The Black & Blue Orkestre has been busy revisiting an earlier song. Hard to believe we’ve been doing this since 2006; some of the songs are almost 6 years old. As we are moving toward releasing a CD of all our originals we’ve been taking a look at how they all hold together.

For the most part all of them do. But, one or two have benefited from a dose of the sound that Will Crewdson, Grog Roxx and I have discovered over the past year; a sound that I feel is distinctly The Black & Blue Orkestre. And so, with that in mind we’ve looked back at some of the earliest Black & Blue tracks and reworked them as if we’d just done them yesterday.

We’ve just done so with this track, NERVOUS LAUGHTER. Dedicated listeners will hear the origins of our previous track, Rapture, in this piece. But, I was not happy with those lyrics so I spent some time rewriting them until I was. Grog came up with a new, jumping bass groove and Will laid down a bed of tense, edgy guitars with a real bite.

Also, you will hear Grog for the first time singing the chorus by herself. I thought this would be a cool way to introduce a new feeling to the song; a new element of beauty. Grog’s voice goes with the new lyrics in a way that mine could not and gives the song a hint of hope.  Not a bad ingredient when all is said and done.

So, here it is, NERVOUS LAUGHTER; new vocals, new music and a new groove. See what you think.


Posted by:Tom

3 thoughts on “ 105. NERVOUS LAUGHTER ”

  1. Hey Tom,

    I like this update! The lyrics are strong and powerful, and tell more of a story. I also really like Grog’s voice added into this one.

    Are y’all getting closer to putting a CD out? Would love it if you did 🙂

    And fyi – just a suggestion for future blogs – how does writing a song differ from writing a story for a film? I’m not talking about format, but more so about process. I’d be interested in hearing how the formation of a song happens in your heads.


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