My step-cousin on my mother’s side, Boone Welles is a young, aspiring filmmaker. She’s just directed her first music video for a new group called The Trygger Twins. She asked me to share it on this most American of American holidays.

The views expressed in the video may or may not reflect my own but as all 38 Republican candidates for Prez proclaim this is still a free country and I respect Boone and The Trygger Twins for coming out on a hot-button issue that is red, white and blue all over.


Posted by:Tom

2 thoughts on “ 123. THE TRYGGER TWINS ”

  1. LOL Love it! A rockin American original.

    Love the red, white blue graphics w/the sunglasses – great job, Tom! Hope you had a fun 4th!


    1. Thanks, Elaine. I appreciate your immediate reference to my cousin’s video. I will tell her that you liked it.

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