Alright. I’ve finally got a moment to turn the page from Delirious to the Doors. After all it’s only been 3 years.

And after all, we’re only talking about THE DOORS.

Still frame from When You’re Strange

Some quick updates. The title of the film is WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE. The title was chosen because of its several meanings and connections to The Doors. It is a lyric from one of their signature songs, “People Are Strange.” As a band their music has an indefinable quality, a strangeness that makes them completely unique. Morrison described the haunting darkness at the heart of their music as the sound “of no one at home.” When the term is applied to the band and their music it is done so with honor.

WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE of course applies directly to Morrison himself. There is no figure in the history of American Rock and Roll who inspired so many myths; and continues to. The title also touches all those who have ever felt the cool chill of isolation and oddness themselves. Which, in a way, is all of us.

 The film will be in the main documentary competition at Sundance. It will premiere there on Jan. 17. There has also been an official invitation from the Berlin Film Festival in February.

The picture is locked; all the picture editing is done and all the visual elements of the film are in place. All the detailed soundwork is in progress. Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore have seen the film and given it their endorsement. More on this unique series of experiences later.

Bruce Botnick, who engineered the first 5 Doors albums and produced “LA Woman,” is supervising and mixing all the music. In most cases the tracks will be in 5.1 Dolby surround. A huge amount of music is in the film, from studio sessions and live performances. The final mix is scheduled for the end of December. The finished film needs to be delivered to Sundance on Dec. 29 which is part of the reason I’ve been working like a meth freak on acid for the past two months.

I had one task in making this film; to capture the essence of The Doors in the most truthful and intimate way possible. It wasn’t easy. The Doors are enveloped in a cloak of legend so thick sometimes it is impossible to penetrate it. People have deeply personal and passionate convictions regarding the “Truth” about the band. In my research I never met any two people whose version of this Truth was the same. In fact, most of the time the versions were in direct contradiction.

Also, 40 years after their meteoric rise, fall and rise, more has been written about The Doors than just about any American band. I was frequently plagued by a nagging inner voice that kept asking, “Who the hell are you to add anything to the story of The Doors?”

Here’s how it happened. I was approached to direct the film in January of 2007 by Peter Jankowski, the film’s Producer. He’s also 2nd in command at Wolf Films. Wolf Films is Dick Wolf. Dick Wolf created Law and Order, soon to surpass Gunsmoke as the most successful TV series on the planet. Chris Noth used to be on Law and Order. Chris and I have been friends since 1979. He starred in one of my films, Double Whammy. A few years ago Chris threw my name into the mix to direct an episode of Criminal Intent. And that’s how I met Peter Jankowski.

This Doors film has been a personal labor of love for Jankowski for over 6 years. In every one of our conversations I was struck by his passion for the band, his love of the music and most importantly, his understanding of what The Doors represented at that turbulent and hugely transformative time in America. The more we talked the more I saw we shared the same respect for what The Doors accomplished both musically and politically. I told Jankowski that if I was going to direct the film I would ask him to honor my responsibility to tell the truth as I saw it. He agreed and has never backed away from it.

Fact Number 1: a huge amount of information about the Doors is total bullshit. I’m still bewildered by the number of fans who stagger into walls shouting, “Morrison lives!” as a psychic greenlight to piss themselves and suck booze through all orifices. I’m not judging them; I’ve done the same many times in my life. But WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE is not a glorification of getting slammed. Jim Morrison was not a drunk. He was an alcoholic. This is a medical fact. It takes nothing away from the great complexity that makes up his personna.

I believe there are other things that make Morrison infinitely more heroic, and other things that make Ray, John and Robby the perfect counterparts to his wild, unrestricted chaos. He (and his bandmates) believed only in the Truth. All aspects and dimensions of it. Many times it wasn’t pretty. Many times it was intensely disturbing. But, it was always the Truth.

This was a huge connection for me. As an independent filmmaker I identified with their commitment to total artistic freedom. No matter what you think of them, The Doors stand today as one of the few bands in the history of rock music who have not sold out. It was inspiring to be reminded that not everything is for sale.

Other connections surprised me and drew me deeper. Morrison’s father was an Admiral in the Navy; mine was a Colonel in the Marine Corps. His struggle with his father’s authority echoed my own and made him extremely real to me.

The Doors came out of a wildly turbulent time in America. During the 1960’s everything was being questioned; especially authority in any form. Protesting college kids were making the nightly news. As I submerged myself into this world I was amazed by the ferocity and courage of the Youth Movement.  Nothing like it had happened before. It is nowhere in sight today. Some believe it was hopelessly naive. Yet, at the time that cry of outrage was intoxicating in what it proposed.

The Doors were born out of this conflict. I am left feeling a huge admiration for them and for the wild, anarchistic spirit that forged their consciousness.

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  1. Congratulations, Tom! Glad you made it out alive. I interviewed Jim years ago for Circus Magazine, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what you’ve come up with after you’ve wrestled with the tiger of truth in all its shades and stripes.

    Love the title. Hope Sundance and Berlin are not the only festival showcases for your endeavor. Cannes would be great. Any hopes there?

    PS. Sally Stevens and I are not the same person. Just so you won’t be confused. 🙂

  2. Hey Salli,
    Well, you have a considerable leg up on me. I never met the man in person. I did of course talk with Ray, John and Robby. The film is for lack of a better phrase, indefinable. It really does define explanation; like Jim–and like the Doors themselves. However, I am more proud of this film than anything I’ve ever done. It captures something; I don’t know exactly what it is–but there is an intimacy; a glimpse into the soul of Jim and the band that I’ve not seen before.
    I sincerely hope people will appreciate it.
    I’d love to go to Cannes with it. If we accept Berlin however it will cancel Cannes out. Tough call.
    I think the French would go crazy for it.

  3. Tom- As a fellow hardcore Doors/Morrison fanatic for the past 40 years, this is a very exciting time for us! Congrats on finishing the film. We’re all excited to experience it. I had the pleasure of seeing The Doors perform 3 times in my youth. Sitting in the front row at The Aquarius Theatre in 1969, having Jim 10 feet in front of me and looking at me, is something I’m still trying to come to terms with….
    The Doors have always been there for me, lurking in the background as my own personal soundtrack to my life. I thank them for that.


  4. Tom!

    Love the title and can’t wait to see it when it comes to theatres!

    Regarding that nagging inner critic wondering who you were to write more on The Doors–you stomped it out in your above reply about there being an intimacy/glimpse into the soul of Jim and The Doors in this project.

    Those intimate, soulful moments are your artistic voice, Tom–on all your films. It’s why I knew 10 min into Box of Moonlight that your films were different than the rest.

    Am thrilled you had this opportunity and let me know if you want website updates done to promo it 🙂


  5. Hi Tom – just read the Sundance lineup and saw your Doors film — very cool and very exciting. I have to admit I liked Stone’s Doors movie quite a lot, and I was not a fan of the band before that. (They were overplayed on the radio where I grew up). I think what got me about the stone film was just the power of the music, played really loud through huge movie theater speakers, and the live recreations — I’d only seen the lame, Supremes-like videos they’d made before that.

    Your story about the producer hiring you to direct this film reads to me like one of those casting coups from the gut that directors pull sometimes; you’re going to knock this one out of the park, I can totally feel it, but I can’t exactly explain way.

    Looking forward to seeing the film on the screen in national release.

  6. Congratulations Tom! I love the title. “People are strange” always was one of my favourite songs from The Doors since I listened in “The lost boys”, and like you said, I think “When You’re Strange” have several meanings and connections to the band.
    I wish you the best with the documentary. Long life to Sundance and long life to you!

  7. Hi Tom,

    is there any chance for a screener and a contact for licencing tv rights for German Speaking Territories?


  8. Hi Tom, Congrats on getting into Sundance. As a long time Doors freak, I just wanted to wish you the very best and to tell you that everybody in the doors community is really looking forward to watching this. Love your work and I know this will be a one fantastic Documentary. Best of Luck Tom.

    Sidebar: Can you please update us as much as possible as to any new news which comes out about this Doors treasure. Thanks.

  9. Tom! Congratulations! Sounds like this will be a fantastic film, and I’m sure Jim would be delighted.

    Personally, I say Cannes, but I’ll leave that one in the lap of the gods.

    Btw, who is the narrator?

  10. Tom,

    When I first heard about a documentary a year or so ago I was very excited and now that its actually happening is awesome!
    Your interpretation of The Doors and Morrison on this blog is dead on. I have been a life long Doors fan. Truth is exactly what its about! They were light years ahead of their peers (other bands) back in the 60’s. There is no band that was as smart, unique and cool as The Doors. They were genuine and real.

    Most people only know the stories of excess and legend. And while these stories are part of The Doors mystique they are only part of it. Morrison and his band mates were in pursuit of truth and freedom. Not just societal freedom but real personal freedom and truth. The Doors are THE number #1 American band of their generation. The Doors music reflects uniquely American views and timeless imagery that is at times intensely personal. The Doors are the most intelligent rock band before or since. Period.

    Tom I am delighted to see that my and many peoples favorite band is finally getting the real story told honestly by someone that truly appreciates and understands the men, the music and the message of The Doors.

    I thank you and wish you great success,


  11. congrats Tom, Huge Doors fan and cannot wiat for this,hoping ist contains lots of rare unseen footage of the band.great job and good luck thanks, Gary

  12. Robert Haimer,
    Well, you’ve got one up on me. I never saw Morrison perform live. I feel like I came to know him a little bit though, after sifting through all this footage. Some of the coolest stuff was fragments of audio unconnected to any shots. I’ve put some in the film.
    You should know my biggest concern is making something hardcore fans of the Doors like yourself will find interesting and truthful. The fact is, most of you know more about the Doors in certain areas than I do. 10 different movies could be made about them. I can only hope that what I learned and what inspired me will inspire you as well.

  13. Elaine,
    You are a wonder. You somehow seemed to know exactly what I could benefit most from. Thank you. That soul is what I strived for.

    And, yes, the site. It really needs work. I want to get all the Delirious stuff off it now. But, no time…no time…

  14. Hey Erik,
    thanks very much for your comment and your vote of confidence. I determined early on that I didn’t want any contemporary talking heads bobbing and blabbing about “the Doors.” All the footage in the film (it’s 87 minutes long)is all stuff from 1966 through 1971.

    The only thing you are going to see are the Doors as they were, and are. This was a huge risk and gamble but I think it payed off. At times the film plays more like a narrative feature (on acid) than a straight documentary but I always tried to keep it locked into a certain intimacy and honesty about the band.

    The only other thing I can tell you is that it is perhaps the polar opposite of the Stone film.

  15. Hey Victor,
    Always a great pleasure to hear from you. I’m glad you like the title. It took months and months to come up with it. One day, years from now, I’ll publish a list of all the other titles that were suggested.

    Long life to you as well!!

  16. Hey Robert,
    there certainly is a chance of that but since we are just beginning the introduction of the film to the world there are many things to consider.
    First, I’d prefer a theatrical release in each territory. The film is very powerful musically and dramatically and I’d want fans to have the chance to experience it as big as it can be before it hits the small screen.
    So, in Germany, we’d be looking for a theatrical deal first. As I’m sure you know, in most cases the theatrical distributor picks up the TV rights.
    But, you should contact the film’s financiers, Wolf Films and Rhino Entertainment and make your pitch.

  17. Hey Baron,
    Thanks, man. Believe me the words of support are very much appreciated right now. As I mentioned above to Robert Haimer, I have known from the beginning that The Doors fans are going to be crucial elements of the film’s potential life.
    I believe I have made something they can be proud of. I know I am. Again, I will stress, the film is kind of unusual. It is not a straight–album by album–chronicle of the band but something else entirely. It encompasses their whole career but does so in a much more intimate and emotional way than most documentaries.
    Nonetheless, the fans will decided for themselves.
    I will attempt to update this page as often as I can. Just know that the next month or so is going to be crazy.

  18. Hey Sally,
    thank you very much. Actually I wondered about Jim’s reaction many times during the making of the film. And whenever I did it prompted me to make decisions that completely surprised me.

    The whole Berlin/Cannes thing is almost out of my hands. We’d need to get some kind of answer from the French immediately.

    The narrator at the moment is me.


  19. Hey Tom,

    You’re one of the few bloggers who responds to individual posts–thx for the effort.

    Felt the need to mention something which might be obvious to you by now, but it’s worth noting. Since you wrote this Doors post, you’ve already achieved with a smaller group what you hope to achieve at Sundance and in theatres. People are already remembering their experiences–whether it was meeting Jim Morrison, seeing them in concert, or listening to their passionate music during a tumultuous time in history.

    This isn’t a first for you. You have that artistic spirit which often unites people. Mention “dwarves in dreams” to people scattered across the Earth, and there will be spontaneous and heartfelt laughter as their smiling faces remember Living in Oblivion.

    I’m so happy for you, and hope this film’s release into the world is everything you wish for, my friend.


  20. Hey Tom, any thoughts on having Will Lyman from PBS’ Frontline narrate the flick? He’s one of the best in the business. Outstanding voice. Thanks.

  21. Hello Tom,
    I am a Production Coordinator at American Masters series on Channel Thirteen, PBS. My boss, Susan Lacy, A Creator and Executive Producer of the series, wwould like to get a screener of your film on The Doors. I don’t know how else I can get in touch with you and ask you this question. Could you please let me know how to contact you regarding this matter.
    Thank you so much.

  22. Hey Scott,
    What a great comment to get. It is hugely reassuring to me to read something like this. The only thing that kept me going through the whole process was my belief that the truth about the Doors was infinitely more interesting and lasting than the myths.

    I absolutely agree with you about the Doors place and stature in American music. It’s hard to believe musicians existed like them. It is my supreme hope that fans will appreciate the effort.

    Many thanks for your support,

  23. Hey Gary,
    thanks for writing. Yes, there’s some pretty amazing stuff in the film that has not been seen before. Some has, but not in the context that it is presented here.
    Let’s see what happens at the festival.

  24. Again, Elaine, you touch my heart. Thank you. As I mentioned to you once I had an acting teacher tell me, “If it ain’t true it ain’t no fuckin’ good.”
    That’s the way I feel and the way I’ve always felt. I am intensely thrilled and honored to have been able to take this journey with this band.

    As far as answering the comments, I can only say it gives me great pleasure to make contact with fellow impassioned people. I will continue to do it as long as I can.


  25. Hey Elizabeth,
    You should also try contacting John Beug at Rhino Entertainment and Peter Jankowski at Wolf Films.
    thanks again for your interest,

  26. Hey Baron,
    the choice (and voice) of the narrator is intensely complex. When you see the film you will understand more. It is extremely personal and frankly, emotional. If the narrator doesn’t bring that real connection to the words then there is no film.
    At the moment, since I wrote the words, the voice is mine. At the very least the basic reaction is, “Hey, I believe what this guy is saying.”
    I may not be James Earl Jones but this is where we are at at the moment. We have approached and recorded musicians more famous and reknown than myself. None of them quite worked.
    The voice needs more than anything to be believed.
    It doesn’t have to be a superstar voice. I think if it is not me it should be an actor. A younger one who can help introduce younger fans to the thrill of this music.

  27. Hey Tom, thanks for getting back to me. I hear ya. Just thought I’d throw out a name. So as of right now is the Doc going into Sundance with you or do you still have time to find someone else if you believe he/she is the right person? After all if you wrote it, then maybe you are the perfect choice. I’m sure whatever you decide will be right for the project. I’ll be there opening night no matter who’s doing it.

    Lastly, I know I’m getting ahead hear a bit but I really hope you do a director’s commentary on the DVD. I think a lot of Doors fans would love to hear how everything went down. Maybe even have Robby, John and Ray do one too.

    Best of luck and thanks for getting back to me I really appreciate it.


  28. Hey Tom,
    I’ve just seen Living In Oblivion, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Very cool and original script.
    Thank you.

  29. Hey Baron,
    Good ideas for names are welcome. Dut to the insane schedule the voice at Sundance will be me. Like I said, if I can be completely objective about it, at the very least I believe myself. I wrote the words–based on months of research and discovery. The narration needs to reflect that credibility.
    I’m sure whoever buys it is going to want to go bigger.
    I agree about the director’s commentary. This has been an intense journey for me. I think people might be interested.
    You must be aware though that Ray and Robby are not exactly speaking to John so getting the three of them together might be difficult.

  30. Hey Alex,
    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you liked Living In Oblivion. I made that film in 15 days. It was funded almost completely by the actors. Anyone who put up cash got a part. I’m serious.
    If you liked Oblivion you might enjoy Delirious. Another incredibly performance by Buscemi.

  31. Hey Tom,

    I like the idea of you being the narrator. Until that might have to change, it’s another one of those individual fingerprints you add to the film.

    Gave a blog nod/emailed you the link. Will keep adding info as it develops and can’t wait to see it!!.


  32. Tom, I’ve just seen some of your footage on You Tube and your voice would do very nicely for the narration. It’s fresh, clear and easy to listen to. You wrote and directed “Strange” so why not make it a triple play. I really like the idea.

  33. Tom,
    Thank you so much for your help. I am amaized that you are kind enough to respond to your fans! Thanks again.

  34. Hey Elaine,
    Saw your nod on The Writer’s Canvas. Once again, I am indebted to you.

    The most important thing about the narration is that it works with and elevates the film. I’ve got some actors in mind that might fit the bill. Let’s see what happens up at Sundance.

  35. Hey Salli,
    There are a few people on the team who feel the way you do. You’ll see when you watch it–it is a very personal film. By that I don’t mean it is about me. Not in any way. But, it is about a journey into discovering something new and revealing about The Doors. That journey mirrored my own as I learned more and more about them.

    Where did you see the footage on Youtube? Was it specifically from the film?

  36. Hey Elizabeth,
    It is my pleasure. While I have the time I greatly enjoy making contact with people who share the same interests and joys that I do.
    Let me know if you have any trouble getting a hold of those people.

  37. Hi Tom
    I am so glad there will be a documentary about the true Doors !I am so looking forward to see it !i have a question !will there be a theatrical trailer or a poster that youre planning to release in public before the sundance festival?
    thank you so much! We, The Doors Fans, appreciate it very much!

  38. Hey Teo,
    We’re rushing like crazy to get the film itself ready for Sundance. There is not much money to spend on the other visual stuff right now. If we get something together I will post it; same goes for a trailer.

    Of course there will be a poster and trailer when the film is released theatrically.

    Sorry you had trouble leaving your comment. Thanks for the extra effort.


  39. oh i am glad to hear you and to hear that you will release the Doc Theatrically !Have you decided where will you release it ?Europe?which cuntries ?
    Sorry if i am being impatient here but in Europe there are millions of fans waiting to see your work !
    thanks once again!

  40. WOWOWOWOW!!!
    This is a Great start to the new year!
    I have heard of this and have been waiting!

    When is the expected time it will hit theatres??

  41. Hello Teo,
    The film is just beginning it’s journey. Many things will determine where it goes. But first we need to have a success at Sundance. We need to find a theatrical distributor who sees the (enormous) potential of a theatrical release.
    So, if we get one at Sundance, then it may take 6 months or a year before it will make it into theaters.
    And Europe will be a very exciting place for a theatrical release. So, we need a little luck. But if half the people out there feel the way we both do about The Doors then the film will find a life.

  42. Hey Lauren,
    Thanks for writing–and for the enthusiasm. I’m pretty excited my own self. I think the film turned out very well (that’s not always true) and I think Doors fans will find much in it. It screams for a theatrical release–on a big screen, with big speakers.
    See my response to Teo above regarding potential times. Everything kind of depends on Sundance. If the gods are kind we’ll pick up a distributor and the film should start hitting theaters in less than a year.
    Spread the word.
    Much obliged.

  43. Hi tom, i’m movie editor of italian fashion monthly mag rodeo
    we are yery interested to make an article about your movie about The doors
    Is it possible to have a short interview via mail and some pictures of the movie on high res?
    i’m leaving my contacts and don’t hesitate to visit our website to know more about us

    Tommaso Toma
    Music & Cinema Editor

    Rodeo Italy
    Superstudio 13
    Via Forcella 13
    20144 Milan

    TEL 39 02 89405560
    FAX 39 02 80420126

  44. ciao tommaso,
    I have forwarded your message to the publicist at Rhino Records. Thanks very much for your interest. I’m sure they can work something out.

  45. Hey Tom!

    Congratulations on Sundance and Berlin! Your hard work in L.A. seems to really be paying off.

    I like the angle you approached this material from. While the “legend” aspect of rock’n’roll bands provides some fascinating spectacle around the music we love so much, the humanity of dynamic front men like Jim Morrison seems falsified by our idolatry. Trying your to go beyond the “legend” is an admirable approach.

  46. Hey Tom,

    Does Sundance show the film on various days/times, or does it only play on the 17th with the remaining time spent interviewing, press meetings, etc.?

    Seems like things are already rolling along–hope it becomes the “buzz” and can be in theatres w/o too much delay.

    Noticed the site graphic update–cool! That helps as more people visit your blog.


  47. Hey Elaine,
    There will be a total of 6 screenings at Sundance. They will be at a number of different theatres around the Park City area. The first screening is on Sat. the 17th. That’s the premiere so to speak. That’s the one it looks like Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Denmore are coming to which I’m thrilled about.

    I like the new graphic too–it was too confusing to still have Delirious up there.
    My best to you,

  48. Hi Nick,
    Thanks for writing.
    Yeah, I’m not much for legends. Unless they’re based on facts. I’m infinitely more interested in the human beings. It was that humanity that made all 4 of the Doors so unique. I mean, just realizing how many incredible Doors songs Robby Krieger wrote. Learning how Ray discovered the piano bass (they had no bass player). Seeing how John’s drumming was so distinctive and expressive–miles beyond most rock drummers, then or now.
    And that, even at the height of his fame Morrison continued to have doubts about his own voice. His favorite singer was Sinatra.

    I had a blast.

  49. Hi Tom.

    First of all this doc sounds great, and being in France I hope that I will be able to see it soon!
    Anyway, just had a question about what you call “rare” footage. Does it mean the doc will have footage that hasn’t been in official Doors releases but can be found in Youtube,or will the doc feature totally unseen footage too?
    Will we get a chance to see Paris 1971 footage of Jim and his girlfriend of Pamela Courson? I would also have liked to know if the doc will speak about Pamela, knowing how much of an important figure she has been in Morrison life.
    Anyway, wish you the best of luck in Sundance, I really appreciate to be able to see soon a documentary made by someone who really seems to understand the Door’s spirit.
    Thank’s !

  50. Hi Tom,

    Thanks so much for spending the time talking to those who are taking this documentary to heart. I’ve been waiting for this documentary for at least 2 years so it’s almost surreal to be suddenly getting all this information. I just find it hard to believe that finding a distributor isn’t a done deal. These are the same Doors who are on T-shirts and calendars and posters all over the place. It’s like saying they need a distributor for a Batman movie. But I understand the market is tough for documentaries, so good luck.
    I’m kinda sad the interviews are out but I respect your decisions as the author of the piece. Hopefully they’ll show up on the DVD or something. As we know, Jim’s dad just died; RIP.
    I’m curious about your opinion of Stone’s “Doors” movie. It will obviously enter the dialogue when people talk about your movie (but that’s because people are strange). I happen to like it. It’s not perfect but I do give him props for recreating the era well and going out on a limb to tell it the way he felt it should be told. As you say you’ve done, he personalized the journey instead of doing a straight bio. I understand why some fans hate it but I think it gets knocked more than it deserves.
    Anyway, it sounds like the documentary is in good hands; I can’t wait!

  51. Hey Tom 🙂

    The Doors are attending the premiere? That’s fantastic!!!

    I think you’re going to hit this one out of the park. Btw, I finally saw Chris Noth’s last L&O episode-one you directed. Between the camera angles, cuts/transitions and acting, I could still see your voice in the episode, even though you hadn’t written it. One or two lines sounded like you wrote them; wasn’t sure if you’d adjusted a few words in the script.

    I’m still trudging my way thru a manuscript. The best days are when I surprise myself.

    Don’t go too crazy prepping for Sundance 🙂

  52. Hi Tom, I just saw the unofficial Sundance poster from Jeff and I gotta say it F-in ROCKS!!!!!! GOD I love it, I hope you guys keep it for good. As a original movie poster buff who has several on his walls throughout my house, this is first rate. Will the doors web site sell 1st print posters? Thanks.

  53. Hey Alix,
    In answer to your question about footage: yes, the film does contain new and rare footage. I don’t want to say too much about what is in the film because I don’t want to ruin the immediate visual experience for you when you walk into the theatre, sit down, and let it hit you for the first time.

  54. Hey Jeff P,
    Memory lane? Sort of. The idea was to take it all and present it like it is just happening for the first time. But yes, for people who lived through the time I think it will bring back some very strong feelings.

  55. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks very much for your impassioned words of support. With more people like you pulling for the film we will definitely have a chance.
    I agree, it should be a no-brainer for distributors. We decided though to hold off making a decision until the film screens at Sundance in front of an audience. I absolutely fucking hate sending copies of films to distributors so they can “watch” it while texting, eating cheezits, checking email, reading Variety and ordering underwear from JCrew.
    As far as the Stone movie let’s leave it at this. I respect his effort. I was not a fan of the film. One single frame of the real Jim Morrison, with Robby, Ray and John is mindblowing in comparison.
    This film is not a straight bio. It is a strange hybrid that many times feels like a narrative feature.
    Wait and see.

  56. Hey Elaine,
    Yes, that is the rumor/plan. I would be honored.
    I’m glad you saw Chris Noth’s departure. I thought he handled it very well. The writers were responsible for most of the episode; Chris tweaked some of his lines and I poked my finger into a word or two. But, mainly it was the writers.

    Keep on, Elaine. Keep on.

  57. Hey Baron,
    Now I realize I have to be careful around you. You are rubbing the elevated elbows of Big Jeff? He’s been amazing in holding all the different elements together.
    I saw a version of the poster yesterday that I loved. Felt it could use some tweaking but very strong.
    I believe they are only making 10 for Sundance. The eventual US distributor will make their own for the release. You can imagine though how many of us are already salivating over those first ten.
    If you know anything else I don’t know don’t hesitate to tell me.

  58. Hi Tom-

    As the many i am hoping for big successes for you and all those involved w/ this project.

    I can completely understand not wanting to give too much away(i.e. particular footage featured),but,curious if at some point(after Sundance?Berlin?)you folks MAY put up a YouTube Channel devoted not only to this film that i am desperately looking forward to but of the footage of Jim;s dad The Adimiral and the other “oncamera” interview footage that did not make the final cut?

    Another tool to help spread the word and get some of the visuals out there.Besides a teaser &/or trailer.Although CLEARLY these avenues are the norm.

    I know i did ask “Big Jeff” many months back inregards to a YT channel devoted to the promoting of this doc(much like there was one for the doc. on the group Love).Jeff seemed to be up to the idea.And i was also lead to believe that they(you also might know)were considering it.

    Any thoughts you could comment on this?

    Again,brother,many,much love & thanks for your hardwork.And i have to tell you,i know this is gonna BE A HUGE SUCCESS.

    Thanks again!
    All the best!

  59. Funny Tom, very funny. Why only 10? Make a 100 and sell them. They would be gone tomorrow. I’d pay top shelf for one. Any idea when the web site will be up and running? As for Jeff, I’m a big big fan, he’s done a wonderful job keeping the Doors legacy alive and well. Again, thanks Tom for replying I know your very busy but getting answers right from THE man is as Jim would say a special treat.

    Oh before I forget which is your favorite Doors album and song? Thanks.

  60. Hey Dave,
    Thanks for your support, brother. I’m hoping (assuming) the folks at Rhino with the input of Jeff Jampol and Peter Jankowski, are putting together a publicity movement that will get the film out there. I of course will be involved. I did a whole web campaign for my last film.

    The Youtube idea is a good one and I’ll pass it along. Just know at the moment everyone is running around like lunatics trying to finish the film by Dec. 29.

    I just want to clear something up. The film was not conceived or constructed around interviews. I know there are many people who would have liked to hear from the Admiral and others but my instinct was to keep the film completely in the world of The Doors, when they were The Doors. As a result, there are absolutely no talking heads.

    Don’t get me wrong; the film is very informative. It just takes a very different approach to the material, something more personal and involving. I find talking heads take me out of the moment sometimes. Instead of other people talking about The Doors I’d rather just show The Doors.

    So, in that respect, there is really not too much that didn’t make the cut. What’s in film is the best there is and I feel very strongly about it. Remember, this is a film about The Doors–not just the story of Jim Morrison. Of course Jim’s trials and travails guide much of the film, the main thrust is about the four of them. Oh yeah. And about their music.

  61. Yo Baron,
    I agree with you. Christ, if they printed 1000 and sold them they could pay me.

    As the film proceeds and as I get more time, I will write more about the major players involved–one of whom is Jeff Jampol. The complexity of his job in terms of getting people to agree on things is beyond my comprehension.

    Good question about a favorite song or album. For me there are amazing things in every album. I keep discovering layers within layers of songs as I keep listening to the albums. I like the first album alot because it was so ballsy–for a debut album to have 2 songs that were over 7 minutes long is very impressive.

    When The Music’s Over is an amazing song–for all 4 of the band. The Wasp (Texas Radio) sounds like it could have been recorded yesterday. The throbbing bass and Densomore’s drums in it and other cuts like Maggie M’Gill can shake you to the bone.


  62. Thanks for your reply Tom.Much appreciated.

    No,no-i understand that there are no on-camera interviews.But i am also aware(perhaps this was before you came onboard)that the Admiral did sit down for an interview.I guess i am assuming it was a filmed interview.

    Just wanting to know outside of the contents of the film as it stands today(your vision)if this footage could be put up on YT or,well,maybe it would be more bewfitting to the supplementary section of the future release of the blu-ray?

    Just some thoughts is all.

    Either way,thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to respond to all of us here.

    Take care now.

  63. Hi Tom,

    I am writing in on behalf of the Singapore International Film Festival. We would very much like to preview the film WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE for our festival consideration next year. Do let me know if you’re keen to send us a copy of the screener. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,
    Aishah Abu Bakar, Ms
    Print Traffic Officer

    Singapore International Film Festival
    c/o The Substation
    45 Armenian Street
    Singapore 179936
    Tel: (65) 6738 7567

  64. Tom,

    As a fan of The Doors, I just want to thank you for making this film. I’m willing to bet that there were people that saw Oliver Stone’s version of the band and were turned off.

    It sounds like this film you’ve created is the real deal, and I can’t wait to see it.

    Once again…Thank You


  65. Hello Noraishah,
    Thanks very much for your interest. We’ll be contacting you as soon as we get the film through Sundance and Berlin.

  66. Hey Dave,
    I think the fans of the Doors know the true story. I think they will sniff out and ridicule anything they sense as fake and sugar-coated. I tried my damndest to stay as far away from both those traps as possible.

  67. Hey Tom,

    Hope the weather conditions and delayed transportation routes aren’t affecting your prep/submission to Sundance. Best of luck getting it all done, and have a great holiday!!!!

    Don’t worry, I’ll always keep on with the writing. Got a rejection on Tuesday, got requests to see more pages Wednesday. It’s a numbers game, so we’ll see what happens.


  68. Hi Tom, any shot of seeing a sneak peak here or website anytime before Sundance? A trailor or just a 45 second clip? Anything really. Thanks

    By the way did you get your hands on one of the 10 posters yet? Just wondering.

  69. Hi Tom,
    so great !!!
    I’m waiting, I’m waiting …

    But I’m french ! ;o(

    So I just want to know some things …
    But I’m sure you guess what! ;o)

    – Will there be any copies for french theatres ?
    – When ?
    – And how many copies ?

    – And will there be a dvd with french subtitles ?
    – And when ?

    I know it’s maybe too early to answer but …
    But all the french’s fans are waiting for !!!

    And Cannes could be a great moment !

    Thanx very much.


    And don’t hesitate to go to our tribute band’s website:

  70. Hello Elaine,
    I know you will keep writing. I also know how sharp each rejection is. Continuing at those times is where the real courage comes in.

    The weather affected me a bit in finishing up the film in time to get home for Christmas but all is done and it looks beautiful.

    I wish you the best for the holidays.


  71. Hey Baron,
    No, I don’t want to do any sneak peaks right now. There may be some clips on the film’s official site which should go up in a few days. The film has a unique stucture with some surprising elements and I’d rather people just come to it fresh.

    Big Jeff looks like he’s going to post some of the posters on the Doors site.

  72. bon soir Tom Pao,
    Thanks for writing. Here is the plan: the film gets a US distributor at Sundance in January.
    Then it will go to the Berlin Film festival in February. If all goes well the film will pick up distributors for all the European countries. I know France would really love this film.

    So, we will see which French company acquires the rights. I feel strongly the film should be shown in movie theatres first. I also think there should be copies playing on at least 50 screens in France. Then will come the dvd. I will make sure both are in French for you.

    I think Cannes would be great for the film. But if we go to Berlin first I think Cannes will not take film. It is their rules. Mais, c’est la vie.

    The film WILL play in France and you WILL see it.


  73. Hi Tom – hope you’re having some time to enjoy the holiday season while readying the Doors movie for Sundance. I saw Box of Moonlight yesterday – it’s playing on Cinemax at the moment. Wonderful movie, just loved it. The free-spirited Bucky reminded me of someone – can’t think who for the life of me!

  74. Hey Sally,
    Yes, I’m cooling out for a moment before I hit the black ice up at Park City; thanks for asking.
    I’m glad you liked Box of Moonlight. I may have mentioned in an earlier comment my amazement at how tough it was to make. It is actually very, very difficult to capture something like that on film.
    Everyone was running around like crazy, especially me–even on the most tranquil scenes.
    The scenes with Bucky were basically constructed out of elements of my own juvenile delinquency. I found this period of my development highly instructive and enjoyable and would encourage it to everyone. I hope this helps you identify who Bucky reminds you of.
    Happy New Year Sally. My best to you.

  75. As you say a lot of Doors ‘History’ is indeed total bullshit much of it coming from the band themselves. The Myth infinitely more powerful than any truth.
    At college one of Morrisons mates put forward his Theory Of the True Rumour in which perception is more important than the truth.
    Been a Doors fan here in England for 40 years now and can certainly attest to that in the time I have been listening to them.
    Hopefully you will have made an effort to find at least some truths about the band rather than attempting to right a 17 year old wrong from some silly Hollywood movie.
    And hopefully you will not spend an hour and a half waffling on about Miami and New Haven.
    The Doors were a very special band in the Pantheon of Rock and not just to Americans they deserve a document worthy of that renown.
    I cannot say I hold out any great hopes as I have been dissapointed too many times before but as always with everything Doors I eagerly look forward to your film which hopefully will see a DVD release early in the year and also hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised and it will indeed be a worthy documentary to the greatest band of all time.
    I wish you luck as this is a bugger of a band to tell the story of.

  76. Hey Alex P,
    Thanks for your comment. Well observed. You astutely address just how elusive the ‘truth’ about the Doors is and the enormity of the task the film faces. I greatly appreciate your final sentence.

    All I can say is that I sincerely hope you will NOT be disappointed. I don’t think you will be. Of course, this is not the definitive film about the Doors. Some people may wish some things had been included, others will wish things had been excluded.

    For many fans the Doors are private, sanctified territory and any intrusion into that hallowed ground is almost immediately regarded with suspicion as a violation.

    I’ve actually had to deal with this reaction through the entire process. I can understand it though. The Doors evoke a great sense of personal intimacy with millions of people.

    But, I can promise you this: I made a genuine attempt to capture their power, musicianship, intensity and originality. I have bigger hopes for the film than a dvd release. The film will be best experienced big, on a screen, with a room full of the believers.


  77. Tom, I am a lifetime fan of the Doors and saw them at the Toronto Rock N Roll Revival back in 1969 at Varsity Stadium, where they were escorted to the show by hundreds of Vagabond motorocylists.
    Jim Morrison was a strange dude who was clearly possessed. He kept dropping to his knees during the concert, which led me to believe that he had a total aversion to pain, as well as a complete lack of care in what he did to his body.
    I adore the man to this day. Not for the characteristics I describe, but his incredible poetic talent, and his willingness to give all of himself to what he loved to do. As a fan, I miss him and wish that we had had more years of his life to see where he would have gone with his unique and incredible talent. I am sure his band mates feel the same.
    I appreciate that you have made this film and look forward to seeing it.
    Thanks for the blog posts
    Iden in Toronto

  78. Hello Iden,
    Nice to hear from you. I envy you having seen the Doors live. Making this film and submerging myself in all the footage is the closest I’ve come.
    Seeing them clearly had a lasting affect on you. I agree with you about the band and about Morrison. He did give all of himself, as if each performance was his last. It was inspiring to me; especially in these times we live in now when most musicians (even people in general) seem encased in either safety or completely fake and manufactured “passion”.
    No one seems interested in the chaotic messiness of real passion. To me it is the closest we have to the divine.

  79. Thanks Tom, for those of us in the creative arts, I believe your comment “being encased in safety” is where the 60’s philosophy toward just about everything is sadly missed.
    Money and materialism was not as much a motivating or dictating factor as it is now.
    But, thankfully there still is a thread of interest in the works of many artists from the 60’s like The Doors, and thankfully we can let the passion and risks The Doors took, remind us that we can be on the road to creating something unusual, different and fresh in our individual creative endeavours.
    Thanks again and good luck with the premiere, I shall be following it with great interest.

  80. Thanks Mario.
    It’s coming down to the wire. The film screens on Saturday night at 9pm before its first real audience. I will be there.
    I will be completely stoned, drunk and if things work out, high on heroin, acid, coke and nembutal.
    Glad you like the title. I’m fond of it myself.

  81. Tom:
    when your brother told me of your endeavor last year, I was charged with that same spirit that Jim & The Boys have in their intoxicating viscerally charged music. I did a short portraying Jim Morrison as an Interpretation 20 years ago with a young filmmaker that included his poetry. I had a flash back. I can’t wait to see your documentary when it’s released. Good Luck Saturday. Remember drugs are good only in small doses.
    all the best.

  82. Hey John,
    Great to hear from you. I can definitely see you playing Morrison.
    The spirit you mention is indeed intoxicating. I greatly envy those fans who got a chance to see the Doors play live. Even from the massive amounts of filmed footage I went through it is clear the shows were very much like avant garde theatre where each moment was an experiment. No one knew where they were going or what was going to happen next.
    Pretty amazing for a “rock” band.
    Thanks for the words of support. I’m eager for you to see the film. I think you will respond to it as deeply as I did.
    And that was without any of the above-mentioned drugs.
    My best to you.

  83. Dear Tom,

    Best of luck at the festival! I am a huge Doors fan, and a fan of yours. I have been trying desperately to get tickets to the festival, and am finally realizing it ain’t gonna happen. I wish the best, and can’t wait to get my chance to see this film!

  84. Hello Joan,
    Thanks sincerely for your words of support. I’m sorry you cannot get tickets. I wish there was something I could do to help you but most of the theaters the film is playing at are small, local theaters and the seats are few.
    Are you at the festival?
    Let me know if you’re still having trouble and I’ll look into it.

  85. Hi Tom,
    I look forward to the documentary very much and plan to travel to see it because I do not live by any major metropolitan areas.
    The one salient characteristic about Morrison is mental illness.
    The alcohol abuse is not what pointed me to that, but more his lack of empathy. A lack of empathy is one of the symptoms of several personality disorders and mental illnesses.
    The one constant theme in his life is he could not feel what others felt.
    Of course, his constant self-medicating state was obviously a no brainer that something was amiss in the Morrison psyche.
    I still love him however and the trailer brought tears to my eyes.
    Again, thank you and look forward to seeing it.

  86. Tom,
    Alas, I was not able to get tickets to the festival, so am anxiously awaiting both the DVD and news of your experiences at the festival and your time with Ray, Robbie and John. How was it?

  87. I heard so much talk about this last year and just lost track of time to re light the fire, When do you think this will be on DVD? And will it be released at local video stores or special order

  88. Tom
    Box #1…right over Ray and the band…Carnegie Hall…November 1971.
    Too bad your film ends when Morrison dies.
    Really looking forward to the New York premiere!

  89. Tom
    I did not catch the movie at the festival, wondering if and when it will be available for release…
    Thanks, Andrew

  90. Hey Andrew,
    It’s hard to say when the film will be available for release. We are all still very excited about a strong US theatrical release. Once we get Johnny Depp’s voice in and start another round of screenings we feel confident a US distributor will emerge.
    So, if all goes according to plan perhaps late summer.

  91. Hey Joe,
    Yes, there is something to be said for continuing the film after Morrison dies but the footage I had is so amazing that I felt it was better to just use it. And, I don’t think it would be false to say that the Doors ended when Jim died. In fact I think they all would agree. The Doors were 4 immensely talented musicians; Ray, Robby, John and Jim. When Jim died the Doors were no more.
    Someone else can tell the story of what happened afterwards. But, my film is about the Doors.

  92. Hi Tom,
    I watched Oliver Stone´s Film some years ago and I just could see a lost Messias without meaning or propose. While Jim was still at home before becoming rich and famous, while he was still in Florida University of Film, before moving to UCLA, was very easy to see that he would become successful. He had a Star face. I spoke to him personally the last time while he was in Clearwater Florida in our Grandparents Farm. I grew up with him and being his cousin was a wonderful experience. Like his father who was not very happy of him said many times, he had always been an intellectual rebel, he had always obeyed and respected authority, except after graduating when he started his rock band The Doors.THIS DOCUMENTARY IS GOONA BE A HUGE WORK. YOU GOTTA GO TO CANNES. Don´t refuse it.

  93. Hey Clearwater,
    Great to hear from you. Thanks for your note. Interesting to hear your interactions with young Jim. Unfortunately, we missed the cycle on Cannes. The film has already gone to several other major European festivals which make it ineligible.
    That plus the fact they never invited us.
    But, no worries. Bigger things are coming.

  94. Hey Lo,
    It’s going to come out. There will be a real theatrical release. Just don’t know the date yet. Should know more in a week or so.

  95. Hey Tom,

    Caught the film at Sundance and your panel discussion w/Soderbergh, Kopple etc.

    Both were massively entertaining. Thank you for having the courage to speak freely about your frustrations and opinions about “independent” cinema.

    I was at the festival with a short animated acid soaked doc about the art of cattle auctionneering.

    I’m one of the programmers for “Gimme Some Truth” The Documentary Conference in Winnipeg, Canada.

    We are interested in programming and inviting to our conference this year.

    Could you send an email to

    I’ll send you some more info for you to look at.

    Thanks for your time.

  96. Hey tom! i am from mexico and we are all very anxious about this coming out,is it coming out in mexico? is it going to be released on dvd? i am a huge fan of the doors and if it comes out here in mexico we would be very gratefull,mexico loves the doors,they have come twice in the last 2 years and both times have been great!
    they will be performing in my city in october 18th and i will be glad to see ray and robby for the third time
    thanks for your time and i would really apreciatte if you make a release in my country! thanks a lot!

  97. My dear Gabriella,
    Thank you so much for writing. I know there are a lot of very strong Doors fans in your country. I would really hope there could be a release there. Let’s see what happens in the next month or so. At the very least I know there will be a dvd but I really hope you and all your friends get a chance to see it on the big screen.
    Hasta la vista,

  98. I’d pay ANY PRICE to watch that,i dont care it its dvd or on screen
    by the way thanks for replying! it feels great to see that people i admire are down to earth,its amazing how you take the time to reply each question and doubts and you reply almost inmediately :O
    all i can say is THANKS

  99. Hi Tom, got to know about your doc by chance by checking the sansebastian film festival screenings, anyway tickets were sold out, made my way from bilbao to donosti hoping to get a ticket at the door,got on the wrong bus and got kind of late and of course no tickets left,,,, well man, any festivals in spain. france uk, will love to see the doc in paris,,, I alos dislike the pere lachaise rockcircus,

    thanks, love the fact that you show the behind the rock image jim, I downloaded his uni 35mm film,,a few years back,,, read books, poems, and I am glad that the other members of the band got some credit for the bands music too

    … I was born 31st dec 67 in provincial bilbao , euskadi and got a thing for that era, revolution, politisc, fashion music,cinema,,,as turning point in the world,,, cheers helena

  100. I want to express my gratitude to you, Tom, for assuming this project / film as it enriches the Doors experience for those of us who have been enthralled with the music for decades. I cannot say how many intense moments I have gotten listening to Morrison’s voice and the Doors sound. Thanks, God be with them.

  101. Hello Margaret,
    thanks for writing. You express very clearly something that I think many, many people feel–that one’s connection with The Doors is deeply personal as well as universal.
    I feel this too. I appreciate your words of encouragement but I must tell you the more I got into this film the easier it was to keep working on it. The spirit of the band and their music inspired me to keep going, and to believe that it was all worthwhile.
    I think the film will keep this spirit alive and introduce the Doors to the artistically adventurous for generations to come.
    My best to you.

  102. Hi Tom :))
    First my English is not that perfect and second i just want to THANK YOU for making movie.. finally we can see Jim and not some actor playing Jim plus we can hear the truth story and i always miss that.

    Can you tell me when can i expect the movie in European cinemas..

    I wish you so much success in your further work..

  103. Hello Ivana,
    Thank you very much for writing. Your English is very good so don’t worry.
    I think you will really like the film for the reason you say: every frame of the film is real footage of the real band.
    You should read some of the later comments about the upcoming European releases.
    We have sold to film to the UK, France, Germany, Japan, Holland, Scandinavia, Portugal and several others. These countries will determine when they will release it. I believe France and England will open the film in late Spring of 2010.

  104. he, tom

    when is the movie on dvd, in holland,dutch

    i’m big fan of the doors and i whanne si the movie

    can you tell me when is on dvd

    greetz from holland

  105. Hello Tom! i just wanted to know, when there will be a North America Release? I’ve been seeking all the net since the end of 2008!

    thank you

  106. I’m sure you’re getting tired of everyone asking… 😉 Buuut…when the heck will it be released in US theaters or on DVD?? I’ve been a Doors fan since I was 5 years old and heard ‘Riders on the Storm’ for the first time. Now at 26, I’m pretty much obsessed and appreciate it so much when anything new is created as a tribute and through different perspectives. Keep us updated!

  107. fantastic insight Tom! brilliant movie and great choice of narrator. I saw it last week with my bro and we were both fascinated, so i`m gonna ask the same question as a few other people on here, when is it released on dvd? keep up the groundbreaking work!! Mark

  108. Tom,

    I just learned about “When You’re Strange” this morning and have spent most of the day reading your praises! Consider me one of MANY waiting for this to go beyond the April 9 limited release! Why isn’t this getting a wide release?

    For whenever this reaches us, thank you! I am readily looking forward to the education I know you will provide on this epic group that has touched so many!

  109. Tom,

    Many of us in Vancouver are waiting for this film! I am wondering if it will be released in Canada or if we will have to wait for dvd release? Hopefully not the latter. Congratulations, I and many more are salivating over this!


  110. Ok! That’s done! Congratulations to Tom DiCillo and the DOORS!
    But isn’t it about time now to bring live-performances from the Archive on BLU-RAY disc! That really would be astoundingly Great! The DOORS on Blu-Ray!! It’s Time now! We have already : LED ZEPPELIN with The Song Remains The Same and JIMI HENDRIX: Woodstock and Monterey! Why wait any longer for The DOORS and also JANIS JOPLIN would be great!

  111. Hey Filippo,
    Thanks, man. I don’t know anything about Doors and their footage. You should contact their management and make your suggestions.

  112. “Never used in a car ad” INDEED!

    A great great ending to the movie. The swimming hole, even Texas Radio for the credits.

    Loved your movie. A Doors fan since ’68. Never saw Jim. Just Carnegie Hall and Central Park sans Morrison. The unseen footage well worth it too. You intertwined Jim’s Mustang sequences (Hwy?) so incrediblly well with the story and narrativge. The music mix was GREAT!!!!!
    The fade ins and outs leaving room for Depp’s lowkey and perfect read…My only issue is with the Doors live sound (as in “worst live band ever”?…hated Absolutely Live but loved the Ch.13 Critique show performance) But even their live performances sounded good in your film (Angelika Theatre NYC).

    Had to overcome some crappy reviews to get myself on the subway and walk crosstown…AND GLAD I DID!

    Should be showing at the Upper west Sides’s Lincoln Plaza Cinema.

    Thanks! You should be proud of this production (and Dick wolf as well)!


  113. What a great restoration job on the Hwy footage.
    Love those guys in the gas station.

    On a real note, it breaks your heart to see the destructive power of alchohol. You fit those looks in Jim’s eyes perfectly to your narration. Seeing John walk out of the studio…certain close-ups of Ray’s eyes.

    May I also say I regretted that “worst live band” crack.
    Like Richard Goldstein said in Critique, “There’s lots of little RayManzarek’s running around” …and I was one…left hand bass lines, a rationale for not having a bass player, even a Gibson G-101. Nevertheless, when they were excited about having Jerry Scheff aboard, the question I wish I asked Ray at Roseland on Cinco de Mayo was…”were they ready to bring him along on a live show”. (And would Ray have dropped the combo organ in favor of a Hammond and Leslie?)


  114. Just watched your film on PBS and I loved it!!! i must say it awakened a spirit in me that has been lagging for some time. I am going to break out my albums and start burning so I can drive my ole 71 ghia as fast as she can go with the music roaring!!! I esp loved the scenes from the swimming hole and HWY. It also really showed the demon that was alchohol for this legend. In a day of severe critique and emphasis on dress/fashion as seen in the horrific american ideals and label created one hit stars- jim as stated in the film had no publicist or someone telling him what to wear for the paparazzi he was just an original!!Again, thank you for making this picture!

  115. Just saw the Doors-umentary on Ch 13. Great movie – incredible power of real stuff. Congrats Tom.
    Any info when the DVD will be released ?

  116. Hi Tom,
    I´m a writer and young? (44 years) teacher here in Madrid, Spain. I I have now in my hands my first book about popular music in XX century, I´m correcting the text before edite and publish. One option for the title of my book is “The Spirit of Music”. I was very excited when found the voice of Johnny Depp reciting the poem of Jim Morrison. I didn´t know it and I like to insert this poem in the first page of my book. Could you say me where I can find this Jim´s poem? And the lyrics and the date of first original composition?
    I apreciate your works, “tanti auguri” for your recent film, Tom!

  117. Hey Alvaro,
    Thanks for writing. I’m glad you enjoyed the film. I’m going to turn your question over to some of the more knowledgeable readers of this blog and let them give you the answers about the poetery.
    I had nothing to do with the CD or with the selections of poetry Johnny Depp read.

  118. Hey Stevan,
    Glad you caught the film on PBS. Too bad you couldn’t have seen it projected on the big screen. But, one screen is better than nothing.

    I don’t know anything about the dvd. I only wrote and directed the film.

  119. Merci pour ce film! Depuis 20 ans que j’écoute les Doors et m’intéresse à ce groupe je n’ai jamais vu de documentaire ou de films à la hauteur, seuls quelques livres regroupés donnaient une vision réaliste.
    Du début à la fin c’est un sans faute: pas condescendant ni “apocalyptique”. La combinaison des images et des morceaux est sensible. Le choix de “Crystal ships” pour la fin m’a beaucoup émue. C’est une de mes chansons préférés et il me semble que le texte et la douceur de la voix de Morrison était idéal, calés sur ces instants de paix que montrent ce voyage en mer.
    Le commentaire de fin m’a beaucoup plu: “il faut être allumé pour avoir le feux”. Et je dirai ceci: “il n’y a qu’un fou pour reconnaître un fou” ou comme a dit le capitaine “Jack Sparrow” à propos de la folie et du génie “ce qui est étonnant c’est que souvent ces deux qualités vont ensemble”.
    Encore merci…

  120. Bon jour Audrey,
    Je ne parle pas francais. Quelle domage. Merci pour votre mots. Je comprends un peu.

    C’est possible pour vous ecrivez in Anglais?


  121. I bought When You’re Strange from iTunes this past Friday. I’ve watched it three times since (and this is Monday).

    There’s some ethereal quality to the time and band that you’ve communicated, that I’ve not received from other accounts, and that I can’t begin to express here. Thank you for making this documentary.

  122. Hi Tom,

    Wondering who to contact about showing the film in a music venue in Dublin. Presuming to try Wolf Films first……


    Dave Allen

  123. As a member of the era and a fan of The Doors, I am clapping a digital BRAVO! The film, along with your comment, “It captures something; I don’t know exactly what it is–but there is an intimacy; a glimpse into the soul of Jim and the band that I’ve not seen before,” struck a poignant chord with me. I was transported back to my youth and the generation that my poor mother said “started it all.” 🙂

    In spite of all odds I look back fondly at the late Sixties and understand it better now than I did then. “People Are Strange” as a song, spoke to my psyche at the time; your film, spoke to my soul, today. Thank you.

  124. Hey LinDee,
    Thank you very much for your gracious and generous comment. I’m really glad you responded to the film.

    I agree with you; it was a pretty amazing time–especially for this country. The openness, the intellectual and psychic curiosity, and the bravery are things that inspired me and that are sorely missing now.

    My best,

  125. I just got on this web site, checking an old article about this movie coming out soon (April 29, 2010 dated article). Now I’m going to get hold of the movie and hope it really embraces the Real Doors. I’ve always had a rock solid connection with their music when I was growing up as a teen in the middle-to-late ’60’s.
    Indeed, my connection was also based in the same locale where Jim grew up while in Alexandria, VA. I think I had read in the first book ever on The Doors, ‘No One Here Gets Out Alive’, that Jim had taken the same bus (11A to DC) out of town that my brother and I used to take. My father was retired US Army at the time working at the US Treasury Department in Washington, DC.
    I love The Doors and Always Will, because we are all truly strange on this ship of fools!

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