This photo just came in thanks to Noemie in Paris. She took it in a subway station. I’ve had other friends say they’ve seen the poster all over the city.

French Strange Poster

My sincere congratulations to MK2, the French distributor. This is one cool poster and is definitely going on my wall, ASAP.

And more importantly, they are clearly promoting and advertising the film.

I arrive in Paris Tuesday morning. The premiere is that night. John Densmore and I will attend and then do a day of press together.

I’m thrilled about the film’s coming to life in France. Thanks, Noemie.

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37 thoughts on “ 76. STRANGE IN PARIS ”

  1. Glad to see the welcoming arms and publicity in France. Very cool poster!!!

    Hope the buzz and promo there makes up for what it could’ve been here. We’re all rooting for you, Tom. Best wishes and keep us posted 🙂


  2. So great, Tom.

    Et il y a votre nom juste à côté de Johnny’s!!

    Can’t wait for “our” trip to France. I’m already packed.


  3. Hey Matt,
    Which city are you based in for the PBS screening? I’m glad you liked it. I do think you’ll dig it more on DVD or on a screen with nothing blurred out or bleeped.

    I will do my best to keep it up.

  4. Thanks so much, Elaine.
    I am really curious to see how the film does in France with such a well-constructed campaign. At the very least people will know about the film.
    The next few days are going to be a little crazed. I’ll post any news from France as soon as I can.

  5. Hey Rai,
    So, vous parlez francais?
    Yes, very interesting observation on your part. I didn’t ask for it, or request it. On their own the French distributor felt it was significant to put my name on par with Johnny’s.
    Sometimes it’s the little things.

  6. I believe that there is much more interest in Jim Morrison in France than in the US, may have to do with him having died and being buried there. Some of the best sites about him are in French, anyway. This release will be a good opportunity to test this theory. Hope is as big and exciting as I think it will be! Best wishes to you!

    A director’s name should always be prominent in the publicity material. It makes sense artistically. It’s your movie, after all. And to the public is always relevant information who the director is. When it does not happen like this is because the people in charge of the decision are morons. No, really, it is. PBS screwed up big time. I’m glad in France they did things right.

  7. Hi Tom,

    I was at the french premiere tonight in Paris at the UGC Les Halles theatre, it was SOLD OUT.
    John was here to introduce the movie. Huge standing ovation and lot of applause from the audience, it was great !

    The movie is really cool. It’s such a pleasure to hear some good rock music in a big movie theatre. Some people even clapped their hand during the ending credits, it wasn’t a screening anymore but a rock show !

    I’m quite amazed by all the footage you found to tell and edit your story. It seems that the band were filmed everywhere and everytime !

    I guess this movie is very important for teenagers and people like me (I’m 27) who know Jim Morrison as a myth, but don’t know all the story about the human being and The Doors.


    As a still photographer in the movie industry, I just want you to know that “Living in Oblivion” (the french title here is: It’s rolling in Manhattan) is one of my favourite movie. It’s on my shelf with François Truffaut “Day for night”, Woody Allen’s “Hollywood ending”, Pedro Almodovar’s “Broken embraces”, Ben Stiller’s “Tropic thunder”, Vincente Minelli’s “The bad and the beautiful”, Sunset Blvd, The Operator, Singin in the rain.. I just love those “behind the scenes” movies !

    All my best,


  8. Ah Tom,

    Je parle un peu français from high school. You know, the kind where you can impress with a question in the language but have no idea what their answer back to you is. Best to just ask “Do you speak English?” and be done with it. But it’s fun to write en français, n’est-ce pas?

    How about you? Any foreign languages in your repertoire?

    I Am Curious (Jeune).


  9. Dear Tom,

    Just saw the preview tonight with John Densmore,and first of all let me congatulate you. The (already excited) audience realy ate it up (after a standing ovation for John)… Aftert he muted reception fo your alst film (we’ve discussed this online), I was glad to see people so easily givng htemselves up to your direction and (benevolent, I’m sure) control…

    I foudn the film very fluid and I was glad to see you found so many images that we haven’t already seen 1000 time sin Doors docs. Depp’s narration is correct and unobtrusive, which is good…

    The only problem for me with tonight’s sold)out preview was upon arrival I came across John Densmore,whom I’ve met once or twice (at dinners and in restaraunts, that sort of thing) inthe lbby of the cinema, I wen tot talk to him. A guy got there before me and asked ofr an autograph, which JD kindly gave. Then another guy arrived, just as I was reaching out to shake his hand (and JD was looking at me like ‘I think I know you, but do I?’), Another guy came and very roughly shoved me out of the way. he had a bunch of stuff to get signes. Densmore said to his handlers, “You see? this is why I don’t like to come out so far from the cinema!”

    He asked for time, said he sign stuff later (an obvious lie, but I understand totally), and then took off… he seemed pretty pissed, but once in the salle he was charming and did his little ‘How I first heard ‘People are Strange’ spiel with an interpreter who was wonderful, exact and yet witty as hell (and I know something aboutt he job, Iused to do it: This guy was a GEM)

    Anyways, great reception, good publicity and I wish you the best, as ever…

    Where can I find a good DVD of ‘Une vraie Blonde’?

  10. Hello Tom,

    I also saw the poster of “When you’re strange” in Paris subway two days ago and took a picture. But I don’t know how I can send you photos! I’m really glad I can see the film at last! Do you know in which movie theater you will be on June 9th?
    Bien à vous,

  11. I’m excited to hear these comments and the news that Paris has done the publicity right. When your brain cells return from jet lag, put up a blog post and let us know all about the trip. Your blog posts always let us take the journey with you, a sign of a talented writer.


  12. I am so annoyed with NYC cinema!!! Why isn’t this movie showing here?!
    Must I travel to Paris to see this film, oh la la la la

    People are strange!

    Maybe change US distributors… I know is hard to get your film picked up, but this is THE DOORS!!, and JOHNNY DEPP’s voice

    Open the doors and your ears, don’t they know that Brooklynites brag about being the biggest indy Rock community in the USA.

    I’m sure someone will go to see this film here.. of course is the French who pick up on that:

    Viva Brooklyn, and Jim, and Johny, and Tom!

    sayonara mes amis

  13. Tom!

    I found out today that “When you´re strange” will hit the big screen here in Stockholm on July 2nd. It made my day! CCV Entertainment is distributing. Never heard of them but I love them. Press screening in a couple of weeks.

    Enjoy Paris!


  14. Tom! By popular demand, When You’re Strange returned to the Boulder Theatre last night! Absolutely fantastic, my second viewing. Let’s say I was not as “excited” as the first viewing. Sat back up in the balcony.

    The manner in which you weave the HWY outtakes into the narrative in brilliant! The gas station scene kills me (the match!)

    What struck me as I sat alone in the balcony was Miami, I of course read about it when I was a teen, but the stark realities of the event really sunk in last night, I’m surprised the Doors ever took the stage again, let alone recorded.

    Last night there was not a sound in the theatre, until the end, then applause. School is out here, quite a lot of teens in attendance.

    Personally I liked that there were no talking heads, what really could anyone have contributed?

    I particularly liked the shout out you gave to many, including Ida Miller.

    Take care Tom, I wish I was in Paris! And yes, John Densmore is a great drummer!

  15. Hey Roger,
    Thanks for writing. I missed you by a day. I’m glad you liked the film. I heard great things about the screening when I arrived.

    That’s a great list of films you’ve got on your shelf. The Beautiful and the Damned is a very strong film and really gets under the skin of the movie business. If you want to go back a little earlier see if you can find Nathaniel West’s book Day of the Locust.

    It is an incredible glimpse into Hollywood of the 1930’s and it reads like a David Lynch movie.

    Thanks so much for your support. I had a great time in Paris. People really seem to be responding to the film.

    Good luck to both of us.

  16. Hola Rai,
    I studied French for 2 years, then Thai, then Spanish, then German in college. I speak very little Italian, despite my heritage, and my favorite Italian phrase comes from the Fellini film, Nights Of Cabiria: “Ciao prostitutti!!”

    I would like to speak Italian better, and French. I can still only speak French in the present tense.


  17. Hey Device,
    It seems you and Roger were at the same screening. I appreciate very much your comments about the film. Yes, longtime fans may have seen fragments of this footage on the web over the last few years but no one has put it all together before.

    And, not in this great quality. I agree with you about Depp’s narration.

    I’ve discovered John is a little sensitive about people coming up to him. I’m sorry you could not speak with him. He’s very gracious and giving with people.

    As far as finding a ‘good’ DVD of The Real Blonde–I didn’t know there were bad ones out there. It’s still available on Amazon I believe.

    Just rememember he’s been doing this stuff for over 40 years.


  18. Hey there Majimafia,
    Well damn, I sure appreciate your passion. But, read back a few pages and you’ll read the whole story of why the film is not playing in NYC.

    It came in for a short time, almost a month, and then drifted out to sea. Pretty sad, I agree, for the only documentary about one of the most important rock bands in American history.

    Should have been more, no question. However there is no chance of changing distributors. What’s done is done.

    hasta luego,

  19. Hey Mario,
    I just got back from Paris late last night. Your comment really made my day this morning.

    That is so cool that Boulder got the film back again. Thanks so much for sharing your reactions upon a second viewing. I don’t mean to sound melodramatic or anything but man, I worked so hard on this movie. All the things you mentioned pre-occupied me for months in the editing room. I knew the balance had to be right and it took so much work to find it.

    To hear that you not only noticed what we worked on but appreciated it emotionally is gratifying beyond words.

    Thanks, Mario.

  20. Hello Claire,
    Grat to hear from you again. I have been to Paris and back already. The premiere was on June 1. The film will open to the public on June 9.
    I have discovered the only way to send a photo is to post it on another site and send me a link to it in a comment.
    I hope you enjoy the film.

  21. Hello Tom,
    Thank you for taking on this project. Being that the DVD/Blu-Ray release is less than a month away, I was wondering if you could tell us what special features will be included. I’m aware of the interviews with the Admiral and Anne Morrison. Will there be any other special features? Thanks in advance!

  22. Hey Ken,
    Thanks for writing. The pleasure in taking on this project was all mine.

    Sorry, I know literally nothing about the DVD.

  23. Tom,

    Friends of my fathers had the pleasure of seeing the film in Paris when it was viewed last week and they absolutely loved it as much as I did. I’m sure seeing it in the middle of Paris may be just a bit more magical than in NYC.

    Last week I went to see Robby and Ray perform at the Nokia Theater in Times Square for my 18th birthday. Although I didnt get to meet them I must say that you are so lucky to have had worked with two men as brilliant and down to earth as they both are. If you felt the slightest bit starstruck like I felt watching them from the crowd then the time spent making this film with them must have been truly amazing.


  24. Hello Tom,

    Ooooh…I missed the premiere then…didn’t know…never mind. I’ve just heard on the radio, a very popular French radio called “France Info”, an excellent review of “When you’re strange”. You’re right : your distributors in France are doing a great job. I’m so glad about that! They said that your film will be shown in around 50 movie theaters which is enormous these days! They explained that it was J.M’s footage. No re-enactments.There was an interview of John saying he didn’t like the people who were saying that Jim was still alive. He said : ” Jim is in Père Lachaise!” John is right!There are a lot of posters in Paris subway. I think it’ll be popular here. I’ll give you my feedback as soon as I see it. I won’t be able to see it tomorrow. But the day after.
    Take care,
    P.S : Je t’apprendrai le français, si tu veux!

  25. Hey Tom,

    Wanted to share some good news w/you from down South, Georgia way 🙂

    Originally WYS was supposed to play 6/18 – 6/24. It’s been extended until 6/30, and the theater has a “fliers/promotion” team who will start putting up fliers and posters around town/campus this weekend. I’ve sent them the Athens flier w/the new showing dates so they have it, but I was glad and impressed to see that they have a team in place to do publicity around town. It’s also there as part of their music film festival so that will get lots of extra press too.

    Thought I’d share. I also noticed on that your “Lost in Blue” has some updated info–great news if it’s accurate. I look forward to seeing more of your films and reading more of your blogs 🙂


  26. Tom,

    Wishing you the success we all wanted for you in the states – in Paris! You really deserve to have this film in front of the biggest possible audience!!!

    Wishing everyone a fantastic day!

    🙂 Ms. Ann Onimuss

  27. Dear Tom, No knock meant at all to H_John, to the contrary, epople were acting like animals and he didn’t want to be exposed to it. IN his shoes, I’d have done exactly the same, believe me; In facct, i’ve had ther pleasure of spending an evening with him as well as a couple of other chance meetings and I found him, intelligent, soft-spoken and quite nice.

    We’ve exchanged mails before you and I, about using the same actress in our films… No real reason you’d remember, but it just occurred to me..

    Good luck with the film and I hope to have a narrative one from you soon.


    don device

  28. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the advice, I just ordered Nathaniel West’s book “Day of the Locust” on Amazon !

    For french people, the title is: “L’Incendie de Los Angeles”.

  29. Hey Lindsey,
    Wow, you really are turning into a real Doors fan. I was hoping to get to the Nokia show but missed it by a day. I mentioned to Ray and Robby how much you liked the show.
    I wrote over a year ago how I happened to see Ray and Robby play together completely unexpectedly at Sundance. That blew me away.

    I know they would be truly pleased to hear how much you liked them.

  30. Hey Elaine,
    Thanks for the info, and continued support, on Athens. I’m so impressed with what the French have done. They advertised the film, they took it seriously. They spent time and they spent money. And now we see the result.

    The film is doing amazing there. I am pleased of course that the film is finding life in theaters here but it seems a shame to me that this quintessential American band did not get the respect it deserved.

    I enjoyed the interview about music. The woman had really done some research. It was a welcome shift from some of the same questions about Jim etc.

    Thanks again, Elaine.

  31. Hey Roger,
    I think you will enjoy the book. It is very well written and sharply observed. West has a sensibility a little like David Lynch.

    That’s a great title in French. Let me know what you think of the book.


  32. Hey Don Device,
    Thanks for the good wishes. News from Paris continues to be very strong.

    Which actress did we cast together?

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