The Black & Blue Orkestre has carved out another track. This one is called “Fade To Black.”

It’s a kind of bluezy emo surf rocker written and sung by DiCillo. Additional vocals and bass by Grog and guitars by Will Crewdson.

We’re inching toward getting enough original stuff for a CD. Let us know what you think.

Posted by:Tom

9 thoughts on “ 99. FADE TO BLACK ”

  1. Love it, Tom!!!

    The lyrics are some of the most beautiful I’ve heard from the B&B Orkestre, and I like the music beat with it, too.

    Great job. Let us know when a CD release is coming!


  2. Tom:

    I realize this is not exactly the proper place to ask you this… I’ve been trying to find out if there’s a difference in the two “Johnny Suede) DVDs? From what I can tell, one version (with the LD Cover) came out in 2005 and another one was released in 2008(?)

    Better mastering? Secret Commentary?

    ~albabe (The Writer/Artist Formally Known As Al Gordon)

    1. Hey Al,
      Not improper at all. I’m glad you asked.
      I’m not sure where the first Suede DVD came from, the one that uses I believe a still from the film with Brad Pitt and Catherine Keener in the bathtub. My instinct tells me the film was not released here on DVD until recently and some of these early versions came across the border from Canada with vicodin and xanax.

      In any event, the earlier version is a straight copy of the film as it was released theatrically here in the US–shortened from the original and with the annoying addition of a “voice-over” added by the distributor.

      The most recent release has only Brad on the cover. This version is the official Director’s Cut. It is the version I completed and took to the Locarno Film Festival in 1990 where it won Best Picture. It has more scenes with Nick Cave in it. It is more nuanced and does not have the stoopit narration.

      I wrote about the newest release in a previous post: #39 Johnny Too Bad.

      Hope that helps.

      1. Hey Tom,

        If I’m not mistaken, that first release of Johnny Suede does not have your commentary on it, whereas the new one (Director’s Cut) does. You did the commentary years later, it was a great one if memory serves.

        So besides that annoying voiceover in DVD #1, it is also missing some fun and witty insight from you 🙂


        1. Thanks Elaine,
          It is hard to remember when some of this stuff occurred. I couldn’t have done a commentary for the original because it was only released on that barely rememberable prehistoric relic; VHS.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I’m excited at the prospect of a full-length release, this is perhaps my favourite track of the band so far, I absolutely love it. As a guitar and bass player myself I am envious of Will’s talents, he has a beautiful guitar tone, really marries well with your voice. There’s a kind of surreal retro sound going on that has inspired me to dig out some old surf records that I have. Roll on the full album!


    1. Hey Wayne,
      I agree with your assessment of Will’s talent and your description of the song’s vibe. I think we’re going to try and get two more originals down and push for the CD. Too much hassle trying to clear the covers.
      I love surf music; especially when you get off in the less familiar areas. Dick Dale is of course unsurpassable. With Box of Moonlight I stumbled upon Carioca by The Fireballs thanks to a tip by a friend who also suggested the Link Wray instrumental stuff for Johnny Suede.

      Get twangin’.

  4. Hey Tom,

    I think this latest track is my favorite too. Nice beat, good lyrics, great voice – if this were American Bandstand, I’d give it a 95!



    1. Hey Rai,
      I’m glad you like it. We worked hard on it. I’ll take the 95 and thank you for it. We’re trying to get a couple more original tracks so we can get a cd out. It’s too complicated dealing with the covers.

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