Shot Of Blue

BY Tom DiCillo

Genre: Alt-Rock
Coming Soon

SHOT OF BLUE is the first solo album by Tom DiCillo.
13 original songs, written and recorded over 6 years.

Guest artists include Paul Cartwright on electric viola, Dean Parks, Will Crewdson and Mario Giampaglia on electric guitar. Krista Gall and Sydney Royah on vocals.

Coming Soon

Here is the title track from the upcoming album. 

3 responses to “Shot of Blue”

  1. Gary Wayne Hudgins says:

    Tom – Love this song of yours, Shot of Blue! I played it for my wife, she hears a Roy Orbison quality in your vocal, I hear a bit of Chris Issack. Didn’t know you made music as well as movies, I recently enjoyed the Doors one (I was really into the Doors back in the day, even bought Morrison’s poetry). By the way, this is Gary Hudgins, (from your ODU days). I’m still in Norfolk. I’m making music too, check me out at

    • Tom DiCillo says:

      Hey Gary, great to hear from you. Sorry it took me so long to respond; I’ve been a little jammed for the past few months.
      My thanks to you and your wife for listening to the song. I appreciate the kind words and support from both of you. The album is in the final mixing stage. Hoping to get it out in a month or so.
      I look forward to listening to your music.

    • Tom DiCillo says:

      Hey Gary, I just listened to your Drop D instrumental. Great track! I love how it shifts and changes. It is cool and unpredictable. The playing and sound texture are gorgeous. Nice work. Where can I hear more of your music?
      Are you experienced with Spotify?

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