Hurt Me Tender

By The Black and Blue Orkestre

Genre: Alt-Rock
Released: September 25, 2013



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3 thoughts on “ The Black and Blue Orkestre ”

  1. Hi Tom hope you are keeping well?
    I love the album haunting lyrics,when I listen to it I feel like I’m watching one of your films, beautifully composed images and editing in the videos!
    Thank you for your talent and ever inspiring art!

    1. Hey Martin, thanks very much for writing. I’m glad you like the music. I really appreciate what you wrote about the visual connection to my films. Music and film are my two great loves; they go together like two Soul Mates. I’ve just finished a new album called SHOT OF BLUE. I’ve been told the 11 songs are even more cinematic and I’m working on writing a film that would incorporate them all. Thank you so much for listening.
      I send my best,

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