Well, my friends, it is finally Official. When You’re Strange will begin its theatrical release in the US on April 9. The first 8 cities are:

New York
Los Angeles
San Francisco

Depending on audience reaction more cities will be added after this first wave. The film is being released by Abramorama, the same company that distributed Anvil, The Story of Anvil. The release budget is small so TV and print advertising is going to be somewhat limited. This means word of mouth is going to be critical.

And so, to all Doors fans in these cities–this is a call to action.  We don’t need no boots on the ground. We need butts in the seats. Spread it.

By holding back the DVD until three months later, the film’s producers have shown real courage and faith in the film. They believe, like I do, that this film first needs to be experienced LARGE. This band was bigger than life. I’ve seen the film on at least 20 different movie screens; it delivers even on the biggest.

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  1. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad Atlanta made the cut. I’m completely ready to spread the word.

    Question for you, if you know…are there any press materials or mini posters that can either be downloaded or simply printed, that could be hung up in various spots? All the indie theatres in Atlanta have restaurants/pubs nearby…and if there was something that they could hang up on their bulletin boards, that would help.

    Of course I don’t want to step on anyone’s copyright infringement, but I’d be willing to print out fliers myself and attempt to spread the word for a strong Atlanta release. Guess I’ll check around to see what theater it will come to.

    Thanks for the news, Tom! You’ve made my birthday a much better one!!!!! (yes, I am older, never old, today :)))))

  2. Now, Baron, easy, easy. I’m sure Boston is going to be in the 2nd wave. And to be totally honest I can’t imagine there not being a 2nd or even a 3rd wave. This is the first real feature-length documentary about the Doors and I know people are going to dig it.

    I hear you though. Perhaps you should go down to Atlanta and help Elaine with publicity to keep yourself occupied.


  3. Hey Stuart,
    Help me out a second; is Scotland part of the UK? If it is then there should be a Scottish release around the time The Works releases the film in England.

    I’m sure they have a website. Check it out and see what they’re saying.


  4. Happy Days Tom!

    This is awesome news, congrats man, I am so delighted!

    My butt will be firmly in seat in Dublin next Monday Tom! 🙂 I am currently rounding up the troops to accompany me too!


  5. Hey Elaine,
    That is an amazingly generous offer. Let me pass it on to the distributor and the producers and see if there’s a way to let you have a little fun helping push the film.

    And of course, Happy Birthday.


  6. Hey Stuart,
    I understand what you’re saying. Many is the time that I’ve felt NYC should break away from the US and become its own entity.

    Yes, that is the company releasing WYS. Might be a little too early yet for them to have it scheduled. But, they would probably be the first to post the info so keep an eye on it.

  7. Thx Tom! Keep me posted on what I can do. There are also a few places around town that love 70s music and would probably be willing to have fliers hanging in their establishments to help too.

    Consider the news already facebooked, twittered, and myspaced too. Film contacts on twitter (some are already major fans of yours) were further spreading the word. I’m going to put a blog together about it soon too.

    Baron – come down South, man! I’ll hook you up with some decent Southern cooking–even grits. Contrary to popular opinion, not all grits are created equal 🙂

    Thx again and for the bday wishes, Tom. The news certainly has put a big smile on my face for the day!


  8. Hi Tom,

    I also cannot wait to see WYS. The trailer alone looks awesome. I can only imagine the rest of the film! I also will do whatever needs to be done to promote this film(posters, emails, etc.) Massachusetts/Boston can’t wait! Thanks and good luck!!

  9. Hey Queenhwy,
    Thanks so much! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your offer to help. It will really make a difference. I know if we get people aware of this film they will come to see it.
    And I will let you know as soon as it is set to come up to Massachusetts.

  10. Hey Kevin,
    I know a sale has been made to canada. Not sure where they are starting their release but I cannot imagine key cities like Toronto and Montreal would not be among the first.
    Keep an eye out.

  11. No. I’m actually in Colorado, there is a ‘famous’ Doors track called Hello to the Cities and that was a Morrison quip. I’m a clever fella, I’ll find a way!

  12. Hi Tom,

    I have been checking with the powers that be (my editors) about reviewing When You’re Strange, apparently I will have to wait until an official release before I can actually publish a review, but I just want you to know I am spreading the word and I will definitely write about it on my blog and when the time comes for an official cinema or DVD release I will be on it straight away. And of course when I get to see it on Monday I will be on here to tell you what I thought.

    P.S. I finally got my hands on a DVD copy of Living in Oblivion the other day and have gotten round to showing it to as many friends as possible; I have been wearing out my VHS since around ’96 and it is finally getting a break haha. I absolutely love your audio commentary and the interview on the extras.


  13. Hi Tom,

    so i said ;o):

    Do you confirm that the theatrical release in Europe (France) is in early June, or April like USA ?

    And about the dvd in France too ?

    I can’t wait much longer …


  14. Congrats Tom! Can´t wait to see it in Sweden someday. Btw yesterday I went to a press screening of MJ´s “This is it!” film in Café Opera – probably the most fancy restaurant in Stockholm. It was a very cool and different experiance, almost made me question the movie theater. Not really, but they said they wanted to screen it there to achieve best possible sound and that regular theaters weren´t equipped enough. I know nothing about sound but it sounded interesting to me.

    Thanks a lot for your reply to my “Trains, plains & Automobiles”-question a while back btw.


  15. Hey Tom, a “big” bird just told me Boston was just added and will be playing at the Somerville Theatre during the first run. Home Run!!! Love the new poster although I’m biased to the real original at Sundance. Best of luck, this is going to F-in ROCK!!!!

  16. Hey Mario,
    You are a clever fella, no qwestion. Hang tight. I think it’s going to come nearer to you. Look at Baron’s comment about Boston.

  17. Hey Wayne,
    Well, you’ve got me on pins and needles thinking about the screening over there on Monday. I hope you like it. I’m sure we’d all love to hear your thoughts and observations on how the film played for a theatre full of Irishfolk.
    I’m glad you got your copy of Oblivion on DVD. It actually looks amazing. In the States there is an added extra of an interview by a film school professor. Is that on your disk?

  18. Hey Tom Pao,
    Yes, as far as I know the film will be released in France in theaters in early Spring–late May or June; a month or two after the US release. I don’t know the DVD release.

  19. Hey Sam,
    I think it will come to Sweden. I know the Doors played there live on their European tour in the late 60’s.
    Don’t know much about MJ. Not really my kind of music. But, interesting to hear your observations about different possibilities for film screenings.

  20. Hey Baron,
    Which big bird?! Man, you know more than I do. But, if it’s true about Boston then I’m really pleased–for me and for you.
    Still, I think you should hop a hound down to Atlanta and help Elaine. Maybe she’ll come up to Boston and do the same.

    I’m serious. I really do think the grassroots support could be hugely effective.


  21. Hey Tom,

    Yeah the DVD looks absolutely gorgeous, thoroughly enjoyed it! Oh and the film school professor interview is on there too, my girlfriend Jen and I where sitting watching in disbelief when we saw the guy near the end of the interview challenge you, saying you “where all Hollywood and full of shit” because of the happy ending of Oblivion, was that guy serious? I loved your response to him.

    I was talking to a guy from The Dublin Film Festival when I was getting my tickets and he said that tickets where selling well for the show so I would say by Monday it should have a full house. I will be very happy to see that man and I will report back here on Monday with all the feedback. 🙂

    Have a great weekend Tom,

  22. Hey Tom,

    Congrats on the added Boston opening – great news! That’s a place I’ve always wanted to see but haven’t made it there yet. I say we all form a DiCillo Doors road trip and see the country 🙂

    Oh, and that interview with you and Steve Buscemi on the Living in Oblivion DVD is one of my favorites. I love the part where you talk about genuine creative moments, and how nothing can compare to those glimpses of utter joy. Great added plus; and the commentaries are always top notch.

    I should go count down the days until April 9…maybe put up a ticker on my blog…can’t wait to see it, Tom 🙂


  23. Congrats…

    I will have to wait till Minneapolis comes on to the list, But I have a great old time friend who has found his way all the out to Pomona, CA to live. He is part of the The Doors Tribe and the guy who loaned me my first Door’s cassete back in juniour high.

    Well he has assured me he will be at the opening and will spread the word to fill the seats.

    You were the right guy to make this movie Tom ! Its amazing that you had the Courage to take on such a big and sacred story such as The Door’s. People feel Jim is thiers and they want him to be everyhting they envision him to be.

    You really should be proud that Jim Morrison’s fan base ( and band mates) seem to feel that your character and respect for True Art gives you the crediblity to help tell the tale.

    Be proud man , you deserve this.

    – McKeever

  24. That is so bizarre, Wayne. That is exactly the section of the “interview” I was wondering if you’d seen. The guy in the wheelchair was serious. I thought for a second before I responded to him and then said, fuck it; the only thing that matters is truth. And so I said it.
    We’ll be waiting for your post.

  25. Hey Elaine,
    I was thrilled that interview with me and Buscemi ended up on the DVD. I had to fight for it. Originally the distributor wasn’t even going to release the film on DVD. So, I put the whole thing together, even including what was going to be on the extras.
    Thank god Zenya Kipperman, the film professor who screened the film and conducted the interview, had the foresight to videotape it.

    I still haven’t heard it confirmed that Boston is in the first wave for When You’re Strange. I certainly hope it is but until I hear it officially I’m going to hold back on the celebrating.

    Again, thanks for all your support. I think enthusiasm from people like yourself is really going to have a serious impact on the film. The grassroots interest is already building.


  26. Hey Mike,
    Thanks very much for your words of encouragement. I will tell you it was not easy taking on this film. The pressure you mention was enormous. I spent many, many sleepless nights wondering I even thought I could try and tell this story.
    You are so right about people feeling an intimate possessive bond with Morrison and the band. It is a real tribute to not only the band’s musical appeal but their emotional appeal. I know there will be some people who feel only their personal feelings about the band are valid.
    There is nothing I can do about that. I can only trust that I brought my most objective eye to this film. There is no way however that my own personal admiration for Morrison and all the Doors could not shine through.
    It was an enormous relief to hear from all the members of the band individually that they did believe I told their story truthfully.

  27. Fantastic that it’s coming to Atlanta.

    Tell me, what wave is Nashville in? Or is it an ebb? Maybe a splash? I don’t know what’s below a splash…a ripple? I’d love to check it out.


  28. Hey Green,
    Nashville is somewhere between an ebb and a splash. And that’s a good thing.

    The thing with a release structured like this is that if this first group of selected cities does well then the distributor will have the confidence to spend a little more money and take the film out wider.

    It worked well with Anvil. How close did that film get to Nashville?


  29. Hey Green – if you’re up for a road trip, Nashville is only 5-6 hours from Atlanta – – interstate the whole way. This city is gorgeous in springtime. On April 9 when When You’re Strange starts, the weather, trees, spring flowers, etc. will be in full blossom. If you get the chance to come here, it’d be worth the trip. I’m coming to Nashville this summer for a conference–we could call this the road trip exchange plan 🙂

    Tom, glad those extras did make it on the Living in Oblivion DVD. It was a great interview w/both of you and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Here’s hoping Boston becomes official, but regardless, I’m happy and spreading the word 🙂


  30. Hi Tom,

    Why not include the unreleased Doors song Paris Blues in this filme? Paris Blues is an outtake from the LA Women sessions the lyrics deal with Jim’s reasons to depart to Paris. This would be a fitting finale to the film. Check out these lyrics from the previously unreleased LA Woman outtake, recorded only 3 or 4 months before Morrison departed for Paris. Why not include this in the film? Have you heard this track, and if not, why not ask Jeff Jampol and Bruce Botnick about it?

    Know where I’m goin’, can’t remember where I’ve been
    Know right where I’m goin’, can’t remember where I’ve been
    Goin’ to the city of love, gonna start my life all over again

    Once I was young now I’m gettin’ old
    Once I was warm, now I feel cold
    Well, I’m goin’ overseas, gonna grab me some of that gold

  31. Hey Mike,
    Thanks for the idea. We did think about Paris Blues but ultimately went with another cut. And just so you know, the film was finished months ago; picture locked and the sound and music finalized and mixed. It would be massively expensive to open the whole thing up again.

  32. Hi again,

    I forgot to mention this weird bit of trivia. John’s favorite Doors song is “Light My Fire” and he named his first book “Riders on the Storm”. Ray’s favorite song is “Riders” but he named his autobiog “Light My Fire”. Oneupmanship, I wonder if there’s a tale behind that.
    Also, tonight (Sunday) the TV show “Cold Case” will feature all Doors music. Doesn’t hurt to start the recognition process early, huh? Not that it’s an original idea. “Miami Vice” had an all “Doors” episode in the ’80’s. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  33. Tom,

    Wow! I am just back from the screening. When You’re Strange was projected onto a massive screen to a 80% full room. And it was a huge, multiplex room at that. It was beautiful man, I felt overwhelmed, this project which you have worked so hard to make come to fruition was finally being seen as it should be seen and the audience absolutely loved it.

    Before the film I was a casual fan of The Doors, I own a Greatest Hits and have them on my Ipod, but now I am intrigued and want to discover more thanks to the information about the band I wasn’t aware of; their various Blues and Classical influences and Jim’s published poetry. But most of all for me was that in several segments you let the music do the talking, whether it be over images of the band live onstage or in rehearsal, or whether it was over some startlingly powerful images of a society in the midst of change and revolution.

    It enthralled me from the very beginning and I felt a rush of excitement and pride when your name came up onscreen at the beginning, this was a first for me, my first Tom DiCillo film in a theatre and I was well and truly blown away.

    You have made what I regard as one of the best films of the last ten years, and I am not saying that purely as a fan, I am saying it also as a critic; as a music/band documentary it is up their with the finest of the genre. Depp’s narration was never intrusive and spoke eloquently and with a tone that was infused with an obvious admiration for The Doors. The scenes from Morrison’s film added a grand filmic quality and an alternately surreal and edgy feeling you don’t normally get from music documentaries.

    I think everybody who visits this blog will be in total agreement with me when they see the film, that you have made another film which has made us realise why we love your films so much and admire you as a filmmaker, and also that you have made a film which does justice to The Doors as not only a band but as four men who made a difference, to music and to society.

    Tom, thank you for When You’re Strange, it was a marvellous experience for me and will be to all film fans and all the friends on this blog. Another film which will become a regular fixture at my house in time to come.



  34. Hey Tom,

    I just found the astounding trailer on none other than the main page of IMDB! The film looks riveting…I can’t wait see it here in New York in April. Best of luck with the release!

  35. Tom,

    It looks like Anvil! made it all the way TO Nashville, landing in the nest of independent films known as The Belcourt, a smallish theatre with uncomfortable seats and an open bar; it’s where I saw The Big Lebowski for the first time and lost at bowling with a plastic bowling ball.

    Does this speak hope? I say it does. And if it doesn’t, disappointment makes me stronger. It fuels my creative angst. My neon pink angsting journal is lonely.

    I kid, it’s actually powder blue.


    What a lovely offer! I’ve actually driven to Atlanta before and it cost me an awful lot of money for…well…everything. Gas money being the main issue, I’m holding out for a Nashville release. Being that the chances are between an ebb and a splash, I’m getting my swimming suit ready.

    But thank you, I’d thought about driving to Atlanta when I first read this. But knowing this is only the first wave, here’s to the fifth wave being Nashville. And I hope you enjoy your stay up here.


  36. Tom,
    Congrats are due man!
    People love Jim because he was true. Jim was a man who left intense wisdom scattered in his wake, truisms of the human mind and body illuminated, not shuttered. True artists leave us standing on the Far Shore with Shiny Gold dripping maddengly from our lashes as we watch the Sun sink in glassy horizon at ocean’s end.
    Thank you Tom.

  37. Hey Wayne,
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the film. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of its screening in Dublin. I appreciate very much your comments and observations about the film. The discovery of the way to use the HWY outtakes was a real breakthrough in putting the film together and sometimes I can’t help but think I had a “visitation of energy” from Mr Mojo Risin on that one.

    Your words meant a lot to me.

  38. Hi Tom,

    Can’t wait to see the film. Regarding Paris Blues, what are your thoughts on this song? Have you heard it? Does it exist in complete form and how is the audio quality? Is it a rehearsal or polished master?

    Also, with the interview with Jim’s father be included as bonus footage on the Blu Ray and DVD issues?


  39. Six more Fridays!

    (Don’t stop to speak or look around
    Your gloves and fan are on the ground
    We’re getting out of town
    We’re going on the run
    And you’re the one I want to come)

  40. Tom, Where in New York will your movie be playing… I’m returning “to the place of my birth… and i want to be ready” ( celebration of the Lizard Absolutely live)

  41. Hey Tom,

    I’m joining in with Mario’s countdown.


    Can’t wait!

  42. Hey Tom, this post has made my entire year. I’ve been waiting to see this since I first heard about it. I live in Alabama, but I’m driving my butt over to Atlanta on April 9th. I also want to try to help spread the word with fliers and whatever else I can because I know a lot of places around here that would hang them up and get more people interested. Do you have any idea on when we’ll know what theater it will be at?

  43. Hi Tom, I’m in home again after a long trip around South America, long time without visiting your blog and now I can’t believe what I read! Finally you get it!
    First I have been reading the post before, with those nice words from Johnny Depp! and now: the Doors again on the road around the big screens of the States! CONGRATULATIONS!

    “When You’re Strange” is not an ordinary rockumentary, it’s a real experience on The Doors trip.
    Wayne’s words tells something important (“I was a casual fan of The Doors … but now I am intrigued and want to discover more…”) After the film you feel in that way, you want more…

    I hope to have the chance to watch the film again in the big screen in Spain… maybe is not easy, but there is some particular film and music festivals, documentary season.. around the country in wich the film could show again… if I could do something from here just ask me!

    Best wishes,

  44. I recently read Patti Smith’s book, very interesting, to a kid from NJ – who just “missed” out on this street life adventure extravaganza.

    She is quite inspired by this Arthur Rimbaud fella, sort of like you know who. . .

    Then my chance I find this 1979 interview, today, with her conducted by Todd Rundgren, where out if the blue, Ms. Smith says Jim Morrison died of a broken heart. This is something I have always held true.

  45. Hi Tom, I was wondering could you confirm if there will be a lot of extras on the dvd release of WYS??.

    How about conducting new interviews with frank lisciandro and paul ferrara and putting them as an extra??.

    It’s just that the extras on all other official doors dvd releases are pretty much non existent!!!. no effort was made to put any on!.

  46. Hey Nameless,
    Yes, a few pieces of this film are used in the film. This was a pre-cursor to a music video, designed and directed by the Doors themselves for their album Strange Days. Pretty cool stuff.

  47. Hey Brittney,
    Thanks so much for writing, and more for your offer to help. It seems like Elaine has stirred up some interest from the distributor, at least in the area of putting up fliers. If you really had the time to get to Atlanta perhaps you could contact her and see if you could help for a day or two.
    Anything would be huge.
    Don’t know the theatre just yet.

  48. Hey David,
    Welcome back. I don’t know if Spain has bought the film. Maybe it will. So, consider yourself lucky that you saw it there on the big screen in San Sebastian.

  49. Hey Mario,
    That is a fascinating observation from Patti Smith. I have a feeling there is some truth to it.
    But, on the other hand, the only one who knows what Jim Morrison died of is the man himself. And he’s not talking.
    Anything else is just conjecture.
    And my feeling about the guessers is, if you weren’t there, then you weren’t there. Too many myths and superstitions about this guy and this band already.

  50. Hey Erin,
    It is not too late to add St. Louis, but sadly the decision is not mine. Everything will depend on whether or not people go see the film on April 9th. If they do then perhaps the distributor will feel confident to take the risk to go to other cities.
    I hope you get to see it.

  51. Hey Stuart,
    I don’t know much about what is going on the DVD for extras. There were some things I heard about that were dropped, which I’m glad about. My feeling is that if the extras are not truly informational then they detract from the film.
    There will not be interviews with Lisciandro or Ferrara. Not my decision though.

  52. Tom,
    Rainy days up here in Minnesota, Very Riders on the storm like.

    It is great to see the Buzz starting around your film! So Cool.
    I hope to see it as it grows throughout the country. I think the way the film is being released and the underground feel to it will help it in the long run with credibility for the Doors fans. Too much hype would make it feel just like another “film for cash”. This is all perfect. I Think.

    Excited to hear or see your new projects/ideas you spoke of. When and how did you decide you wanted to be a film maker? What was the inspiration that sent you on this path? I find it so interesting how things in history inter twine. Who would have ever dreamed a young French Poet Rimbaud would become a major influence on a Kid in the 60’s that would change the course of American Music and Culture.

    As far as painting… I stumbled across the movie Backbeat. I had always been a huge Beatles fan but… seeing the way they portrayed Stu Sutcliff and his love of painting was the first time I really thought of painting as something i wanted to try. I mean in the film he quits the beetles to paint, how true to your soul is that.

    Anyway that is my question to you again I ask … What started you down this path as a filmmaker. Who are your influences? Especially ones that seem to have no relevance to film.

    Thanks Man, your replies are always insightful

    – McK

  53. Happy Friday all 🙂

    Counting down…WYS comes to theaters 4 WEEKS from today!!!!

    Tom – the web updates and info is spreading 🙂 Thousands of people are reading the web posting updates and giving their thumbs up.

    Jeff – thanks for the UCLA you tube clip. Happy to see a packed house.

    All other Doors and DiCillo fans – spread the word!

    For those on Facebook, both “The Doors” and “When You’re Strange” have fan pages with updates on the film/screenings. Do a search on both terms and you’ll find the pages.

    For those on Twitter, the Doors (@TheDoors) and Jeff Jampol (@jjampol) both have active accounts with updates.

    And for those who haven’t seen it, the http://www.whenyourestrangemovie.com site has been updated. They will also be one of the vendors selling the soundtrack on 4/6.

    4 weeks from today! 4 weeks from today! (Yeah, I’m a bit excited…)


  54. Hi Tom,

    Here’s an interview with a U.K. filmmaker who made short films for a decade and a half before finally breaking in. He considers “Living In Oblivion” “great” and says he used your example of shooting the first part of a script to attract financing for a feature. Through that short he met actor Brian Cox and that led to his first feature “The Escapist”, which received awards and was well regarded at Sundance ’08. Now he’s directing the anticipated adaptation of the book “Birdsong” and has just been announced for the new “Planet of the Apes”. I found that a cool story to share here.


  55. Hey Tom,

    You know, I think all things do work out. The film didn’t make it to SXSW last year, but this year it is there…and so is Robby Krieger. And with the theater release happening soon, there’s more press around the film.

    I found this on Jeff Jampol’s twitter page – he says they will continue to update with SXSW info and film updates as SXSW goes on.



  56. Hey Tom and all WYS fans –

    According to a post by Doors manager and WYS producer Jeff Jampol, there are additional cities included in the 4/9 release. The info is listed below, as he posted it on his Facebook wall. (Thanks to http://www.idafan.com for the cinema links.)

    ~ New York City: Angelika http://angelikafilmcenter.com/

    ~ Los Angeles area (3 theaters): Laemmle Sunset 5, Hollywood; Laemmle Playhouse 7, Pasadena; Laemmle Town Center, Encino http://www.laemmle.com/locations.php

    ~ Boston: Somerville Theater, Somerville http://www.somervilletheatreonline.com/somerville/index.php

    ~ Philadelphia: PUFF Theater w/outdoor screening at The Piazza at Schmidt’s

    ~ New Jersey (greater Philly area): Ritz 16, Voorhees, NJ http://www.fandango.com/showcaseattheritzcenter_aadky/theaterpage

    ~ Atlanta: Cinefest Film Theatre http://www2.gsu.edu/~wwwcft/

    ~ Athens, GA: Cine http://www.athenscine.com/intro.php

    ~ Chicago: Davis Theater http://www.davistheater.com/

    ~ Dallas: Angelika http://angelikafilmcenter.com/

    ~ Seattle: Grand Illusion Cinema http://www.grandillusioncinema.org/

    ~ San Francisco: Kabuki http://www.sundancecinemas.com/kabuki.html

    ~ Nashville: Belcourt Theater http://www.belcourt.org/

    ~ Madison, WI: Sundance http://www.sundancecinemas.com/kabuki.html.

    ~ Houston (no theater listing at this time)

    ~ Opens on April 16: New Orleans – Robinson Film Theater **
    ** this subject to change. The Robinson is in Shreveport; Jeff Jampol is checking on this info to confirm the city/theater.

    ~ Opens in May: Albuquerque, NM at the Guild http://www.guildcinema.com

    Will keep y’all posted on any other info I find!


  57. Hey Tom, the two things I want more than anything on the DVD extras would be your original film which was seen at sundance with you narrating and the interview with Jim’s dad. I believe both are a must on there. Your thoughts?

  58. Hey Tom,

    I would like to see the Sundance version too.

    An update on my earlier comment: The 4/16 opening in Louisiana is in Shreveport, not New Orleans. The cities are about 6 hrs apart, but Shreveport can draw the Texarkana, Memphis folk.

    Jampol said they were looking into theaters in New Orleans too, so it sounds like it’s an eventual possibility.


  59. Tom Dicillo,

    I must of unconciously had my serious intent full bloom. I live in Madison WI, where the Sundance resides. Not only that, this joint has a bar instead of a candy stand. The kind of place Mr. Mojo Risin should have his Celluoid relayed. Once again, I can’t express my deepest gratitude, and right down the street to experiance it!
    Far out brother! Keep being mean and green, perched on the window sill with a select few, the writhing herd terrifies our view…

    Adam Tevis

  60. To Mike McKeever who wrote, “What started you down this path as a filmmaker. Who are your influences? Especially ones that seem to have no relevance to film.”

    My affection for the moving image started as an addiction, fueled by denial. My father hated TV. He refused to have one in the house up until I was 17. So, as a child my major cinematic experiences were at the movie theatre, and they were relatively rare. And because these moving images were connected in my brain to being forbidden they acquired an immense power.

    Since my father was in the Marine Corps he’d go away for 13 months at a time. The first thing my mother did when he left was rent a TV and we all watched it rabidly, sometimes for 24 hours at a stretch. Even the commercials were mesmerizing to me.

    But my father was always pushing me to read. From a very early age I was going through two or three books a week (especially when there was no TV around). I was really into Mark Twain. Huckleberry Finn affected me deeply–look at Huck’s relationship with his father. So, as much as I hated my dad for stunting my TV experience, I came to greatly appreciate how he turned me on to literature.

    When I went to college (with no idea what I was doing there) I got heavily into James Joyce, Hemingway, Faulkner and particularly Kafka. I started writing more; primarily short fiction. Someone invited me to a film appreciation class one night when I was a freshman. For some reason I went. The film they showed was La Strada, by Federico Fellini.

    I literally felt my head explode. Right there on the screen in front of me was everything that interested me; visual poetry, human drama that felt like life and incredible writing. At that instant I said to myself, “I would like to try to do that.”

    I started investigating film schools. At this point there was no such thing as Independent Film. It did not exist. There were no magazines about filmmaking, no websites, no totebags–nothing. In my senior year I applied to New York University Graduate Film School, using my writing and my b/w photography as examples of my artistic aspirations.

    To my astonishment they accepted me. I moved to NYC in 1976 and got my degree in the alotted 3 years. I will never forget making my first film with my classmates; a bunch of screaming, hysterical NYU students on the streets of NY. I learned almost everything I know from that first 3-minute exercise.

    I graduated in 1979 with a MA in Directing. My first paying job was sweeping the floor on a Crazy Eddie commercial. I continued to watch films. The German New Wave hit with a smash–Herzog, Fassbinder, Wenders. Of the thrree I was deeply inspired by Herzog, especially Aguirre the Wrath of God and a lesser known film shot in America called Strozek.

    I began studying acting; and continued for 8 years. Then I had this crazy idea to put some of the monolgues I’d written for myself in acting class together into a 1-man show. I ended up performing it in a tiny theatre Off-Off-Off-Off Broadway. The name of the show was JOHNNY SUEDE. A year later I adapted it into a screenplay. Somehow I raised the money, cast the unknown Brad Pitt and Catherine Keener and in 1991 made my first film.

    It wasn’t until a few years after I made it that I realized how much in it came directly from La Strada.


  61. Elaine,
    Thanks for all your amazing help with these new cities and other news. The distributor should be paying you!!!
    Muchas gracias,

  62. Hey Baron,
    Well, now don’t get me started on my “narration.” Let’s face it, it was always intended to be temporary. I’d been trying to get them to get Johnny Depp long before Sundance. We ended up not having anyone secured so as a last resort, my voice (put together while editing so we’d have something to cut to) ended up wowing the crowd.

    I am very happy not to ever have to refer to it again. I will say this. I’m absolutely certain Johnny listened to it and took something from it. He made it his own of course, and brought an amazing intimacy to the words. His intelligence, his great skill as an actor and his clear connection to the material provided the absolutely perfect narration for this film.

    And that is all I want anybody to hear.

    As far as the DVD, I don’t believe the interview with Jim’s father is on there. I’ve seen the interview. As much as I respect Admiral Morrison I did not find he revealed much about himself or his son.


  63. Hey Stephanie,
    I’m not sure where they’re posting the theater information. I would definitely keep checking here and see if Elaine digs up anything. You could also check Ida’s very detailed site on the Doors, called Idafan.com.


  64. Hey Adam,
    Are you saying When You’re Strange is playing there?!! In Madison?
    I hope so. Thanks very much for your comment. Let me know after you see it.

  65. Hey Jeff,
    You wrote: “He considers “Living In Oblivion” “great” and says he used your example of shooting the first part of a script to attract financing for a feature.”

    Thanks for posting that comment and link. It is indeed heartening to know that somewhere out there people are making connections to the work. It is incredibly gratifying to think that one of my films inspired someone to begin the insane lunacy of trying to make one of their own.


  66. Hey Tom, I respect your wishes of not seeing the film with your narration, although A LOT of Doors junkies, like me would love to see Admiral Morrison’s interview. Even if it doesn’t add much. For Hard Core guys like us it probably would. I believe even some so so fans would like to see what Jim’s father says even if it’s very little. I hope it finds its way in there. How long is it? Can’t believe we’re just 3 weeks away here. I’d thought I’d never see it for a while. Best of luck as always.

  67. Mario – thanks for the kind words 🙂

    Tom – It’s time for the Friday countdown – 3 weeks from today!!!!

    For those at SXSW, looks like WYS will screen on Thursday. This on Jeff Jampol’s twitter page:
    Screening new Doors doc, “When You’re Strange,” narrated by Johnny Depp, at SXSW Thurs, 5pm. Paramount Theater. Open to all badge-holders!

    The sun is even out, and spring has sprung. I’m getting even more excited about seeing WYS in 3 weeks 🙂


  68. Tom, Just been thinking but why did you not interview for WYS my good friend and philosopher IAIN BOYACK who has written a book about Jim’s Time In London,been mentioned in the credits of 3/4 doors books. His field of expertise is about Jim’s life in paris and he is very good friends with herve muller and gilles yepremian who were a couple jim’s parisian friends and iain also is friends with Agnes Varda,he has met her about 20 times.




  69. Hey Tom,
    I was wondering why the doors haven’t release all of their foot-age, why can’t they put ALL of their foot-age in 1 , 2 or more DVD’s and sell it, there are millions of doors fans around the world including myself who would love to see all of their foot-age even if it has no sound or in bad condition, I’m sure it would sell like hot bread, maybe you can talk to them and hopefully we’d get to see all of it someday.


  70. I was looking for screening contacts. I would like to host the film here in indiana a few weeks after the big april 9th date.

  71. Hey Stuart,
    Thanks for all this info. Just a reminder to you; the film is about The Doors–all four of them. Someone could make a whole movie just about Jim. That was not what I was trying to do here. My film is about Ray, John, Robbie and Jim; The Doors.
    I had to make decisions about where to put the focus.

  72. Hey Me,
    Write to the Doors management and make your suggestions there. I’ve got nothing to do with what they do with their footage.

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