March 25, 2012

The Black & Blue Orkestre has a new vocal track, called "Frozen Heartache".

It was somewhat inspired by the groove of "Frozen Sunset" but then took on a life of its own.


Hey T,
You made me smile with your “not enough crack in the world” comment, but it did bring up a question. How would singing live be different than all the press interviews you’ve done, along with performing Johnny Suede monologues “live” before? While I appreciate the value of studio time and time to tweak, in my opinion, it would be a great show with the 3 of you 🙂
I really like that you mentioned on the Box of Moonlight commentary that one day, you might just become a singer (after the “Gun Control” and other songs items you did then). And here you are. Great thing y’all are doing.
Look forward to more tracks!
Ooooh! I second Wayne’s idea about a live show. Get Grog & Will to do a NYC visit and y’all perform somewhere! I will fly up there!
Thanks Elaine, but I’m not sure there’s enough crack in the world to get me to sing live. But, who knows? If we keep on this way I may just have to go for it.
Wayne Byrne
Hey Tom,
Once again I am in awe of the sounds, I love just absolutely love the reverbed guitar sounds. It’s mix of live instruments with what I presume is a drum machine and the keyboard patches reminds me a great deal of some of the stuff from The Clash’s later albums, Combat Rock and Sandanista, right up to more recent punk/surf/rock like The Transplants, there’s a beautiful eclectic mix of sounds and influences in there. It’s a joy to listen to. I really hope you guys get a cd together and even play some live shows some time, I imagine that would be magical.
Looking forward to more!
Hey Wayne,
Glad you did the sound. We’ve been working hard on refining it. The guitars are 95% Will and 5% me. I must have imprinted on that twangy sound early on because it really does something for me every time I hear it. It’s not a drum machine but some pretty sophisticated drum loops I put together.
This one ended up being a really integrated effort from all of us.
I like all the echoes and references you hear. The Transplants are new to me and I really enjoyed what I heard thanks to your tip.
Love it! The song has a great groove to it. Great job and keep sharing the music!

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