March 29, 2014

Last night a courageous and astute reader informed me that my film, JOHNNY SUEDE, now showing on Netflix has been altered without my authorization. All of the Link Wray music I worked so carefully into the film has been replaced with royalty free generic 50's crap.


The Link Wray music has been legally in the film, in all formats, since 1991. It was so important to me I used it in both the opening and closing credits. Its removal was completely unauthorized and it destroys the artistic integrity of the film. And, whoever did it either forgot or did not care that the Link Wray music is credited at the end of the film. This is from the Netflix video stream of the film.


I'm asking people not to rent the film from Netflix until this is resolved. It is deeply disturbing to me that someone has changed my film without my consent.  

Happy to report this issue has been resolved. It had nothing to do with Netflix. It is crucial lesson in licensing, of all types. The original music licenses were written and signed before streaming was around. Therefore, all the original music in the film had no licenses for video streaming. I'm grateful to the folks at Miramax who obtained the necessary licenses so that all the original music could be reinstated in the film as I had intended.

You got to watch out for that progress stuff...

Hey Tom,
Wow, shocked at this news. That’s horrible. I hope your lawyers and/or the Directors Guild can do something.
My guess is, since Johnny Suede is now in digital streaming format on Netflix (which, until recently, was not the case) that they (whoever “THEY” might be, the morons!) messed with it. Because it was never available in instant-streaming before now.
I hate to mention it, but feel I must. Your WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE has been in streaming format for a long time. Do you know if they’ve messed with any of your other films? You may also want to check with Redbox. Like you said, if it happened here, who knows how many artists they have trampled on.
Please keep us posted. We stand behind you 🙂
Thanks Elaine. I’ll be getting into all this today.

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