September 19, 2014

I'm thrilled to announce that my new film, DOWN IN SHADOWLAND,  has been accepted into the Main Documentary Competition of the 2014 Woodstock Film Festival. Here's the program listing.


Down In Shadowland poster 2 small


The film will screen Friday and Saturday, October 17 and 18 in Woodstock, NY. I will be there for both screenings and am looking forward to seeing the film with an audience for the first time.

I was at Woodstock in 2009 with When You're Strange and had a great time there. I wrote about it and the San Sebastian Film Festival in this entry.

I'd really like to thank Joe Monge and his team at DuArt Video in NYC for their assistance in creating the HDCAM. Craig Gordon's eye and expertise were instrumental to the gorgeous transfer.


Ilene Marder
Hi Tom!
I cannot believe I missed you at WFF!!! Super bummer—BUT….
I did see Down in Shadowland. – you are – once again – absolutely and totally brilliant! Loved loved loved this work. That I regularly took the subway growing up in NYC likely caused a stronger bonding for me with the film. Just beautiful. Your eye and your timing are sublime.
Sorry I couldn’t give you a big hug of thanks for making it, and, that we didn’t get any driving time!! xox Ilene (your former chauffeur) ~
Hey Ilene,
Thanks so much for writing and re-connecting. How did we miss each other at WFF? I’m so glad you enjoyed Down In Shadowland. I did work hard on it to give it a specific rhythm and direction. I’m doing a few changes and then I think it will be time just to let this one go.
My best to you,
Hey Tom!
Congrats to you! I remember your blog post about how much you liked the Woodstock film fest when you were there with WYS. Glad you’re making the rounds back there with a new film that sounds great!
Keep us posted on the events & how it goes!
Thanks Elaine,
It’s crazy how things come around. I’m really happy Woodstock will be the world premiere of the film. I will definitely keep you posted.

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