October 28, 2014

I always loved this song by Johnny Cash and U2. But, recently I wondered what it would sound like if it had a little Black and Blue added to it.

So, I laid down a new arrangement that brought in our solid beats and funky spaghetti surf sound. Then I recorded the lead vocals and sent the mix to Grog. She added the throbbing bass and then came up with a set of shimmering background vocals that take the song to a whole new realm.

We also had the great pleasure of working with guest musician Tim Carless. Tim wrote and laid down the lead guitar line which adds a great twang and bite. Tim is based out of North Carolina. We hooked up with him through my friend and composer Jim Farmer who did the scores for Johnny Suede, Living In Oblivion, Box of Moonlight and The Real Blonde. Thanks, Jim.

Thanks Elaine. Yes, Jim Farmer and I reconnected after a few years and it was love at 2nd sight. He’s got a great, whacky sensibility that dovetails with mine and our meetings are always good for some zesty existential laughs.
Glad you like the new track.
Love the new track, Tom! That is interesting about Jim Farmer and the intro to Tim. “Box of Moonlight” was on the Indie channel earlier and I watched part of it, loving all those melodic notes that Jim composed 🙂
Keep on rockin!

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