April 30, 2015

I recently found these photos. They're going in a book Wayne Byrne has just completed called Include Me Out, The Films of Tom DiCillo.

The book will have many more photos but something about these three struck me and I thought I'd share them now.


Tom DiCillo, Brad Pitt and Catherine Keener rehearse on the set of Johnny Suede


Awesome that this is being released on BR and with Extras!
Congratulations, Tom!
Mike Dalehite
Can’t wait to see the book! I just ordered a copy of Notes from Overboard which Im looking forward to as well.
Living in O was most likely my first introduction to Peter Dinklage. I love that dream sequence scene “put a dwarf in it!”. You really have a knack for finding young, undiscovered talent and/or them flocking to work with you. It’s pretty amazing how so many of the actors in your films went on to be household names.
Keep us updated about the book. Is it a photo book or more? Thanks!

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