September 18, 2015

The bonus features for Shout! Factory’s “Living in Oblivion 20th Anniversary Edition” have just been announced! The Blu-ray edition includes:

-Audio Commentary with writer/director Tom DiCillo.

-In Our Own Oblivion: The Miracle of Making a Film;  a 45 minute featurette with brand-new interviews with writer/director Tom DiCillo, producer Marcus Viscidi and cast members Steve Buscemi, James Le Gros, Danielle Von Zerneck, and Peter Dinklage.

--On stage Q&A with Tom DiCillo and Steve Buscemi as they discuss working together on the film.

--One Deleted scene. Almost every frame of what we shot ended up in the film. This is the one scene that I loved but couldn't find a place for.

--The Blu-ray edition also comes with a DVD free of charge.

Hi Tom,
any chance of Box of Moonlight bluray treatment?
That is a good question St. I’ll have to check into it. Sometimes it is hard to nudge these people to go back into the “Past” to revisit films. FYI it took me years to get the US distributor to put Living In Oblivion out on DVD the first time in 2003. If I hadn’t leaned on them they never would have done it. Which is why I went with another company for this new Blu-ray release.
I’ll have to track down the responsible parties for Box of Moonlight. First step will be to see if they are out of jail.
Oooh!!! I would absolutely *love* an update on BOM with interviews and extras. You could even see if that helicopter guy (who almost crashed you into a mountain) is still around 🙂
Box of Moonlight was on the Indie channel the other day and I happened to flip channels at the precise moment of my favorite scene – where Al and Kid are sitting outside at night and Kid captures the moonlight in the box 🙂
When does the Living in Oblivion DVD come out?
Hey Elaine,
It’s the Blu-ray for Oblivion, and it comes out around mid-November (a DVD version comes with the Blu-ray).
Moonlight could be long wait. Most of these companies have gone out of business. For the Anthology screening of Delirious we had to go to France and arrange to lease a print from Memento, the French distributor who released the film in France. The American distributor claimed bankruptcy and disappeared with all the materials.
Well, the writing was on the wall with those twits from the American distributing company. Glad the leasing from France allowed this screening to happen.
Yes, blu-ray. I always use DVD/blu-ray interchangeably though they are 2 different things. Looking forward to getting it in November then 🙂
Excited for you and the screening!
Hey Tom,
Great news to hear!!! I pre-ordered my copy on the day you announced it and look forward to its release. The extras on there are going to be great to have – thanks for sharing!
Hope things are good with you. Film and/or music updates?

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