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August 19, 2007

Mark TK's wife suggested posting the wallpaper Les Galantine (Steve Buscemi) has on his computer in the film. So I tried doing so. You'll find it in the TRIVIA PAGE above, entitled; Buscemi Wallpaper. I believe you can download it by right-clicking the enlarged image and hitting "save picture as." I'm not very adept at this stuff so if anyone has suggestions about how to do it better let me know.

Hey, I'm sposed to be recuperating.

Hey Chris W,
Hanging by a thread, my friend.
Chris W
According to the you did better per theater than the top grossing movie–I hope that means something! Still crossing my fingers.
Hey Mona,
No, you dint. Can’t you see I changed it to wallpaper because of you?
Hey Jessica and Sarah,
The folders are on there because I grabbed it right from the film. You can even see the cursor under Steve’s eye.
You’ve got to give thanks to Mark TK’s wife though. Twas her idea.
Re-reading what I wrote, I sound like a snotty little tart.
Well, more than usual. I really do love it. I booted off puppies frolicking in a field for The Buscemi.
That’s one of the first things I noticed when I saw clips of the film – Les’ background. Cool idea.
When I get in the mood to change my wallpaper again, I’m totally going to use that one. It’ll even match, since I’m on a Mac, so I can just move the existing folders on my desktop somewhere else and see if my family gets all flustered when they can’t click on the folders on the wallpaper itself. 😉
Honey, that’s not a screensaver. That’s a wallpaper.
You are so cute. And I can’t wait to get home and slap it on my laptop!

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