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August 27, 2007

Well, it is 8:30 pm here in Vermont. I've had only the tiniest morsel of news from Gestation; an email that read:

"Film holding in NY with ads; not likely for LA."

There. Now you know what I know. If anyone can decipher the above please feel free to share. Apparently though there is still hope for the film in NY. But, why do I feel like a mouse grateful for half a peanut shell dropped on the floor?

I'm driving further north tomorrow. Might not have access to a computer. I will write more if I find a phone line and if I know something.

Thanks for the faith and support. It is truly inspiring.

How great to hear from you, man! I’m so glad you saw the film. I can’t believe you found the theater with this innovative ad campaign that includes no advertising. Thanks so much for going. Your performance is without question included in the great ensemble of actors who contributed such fine work to the film.
You were a real trooper and brought a great vitality to Feldman. If there had been a real premiere you would have been there.
My thanks to you. Keep telling people. Maybe we can get another weekend in NY.
Hey Tom,
Saw the film last night at 12th and 2nd….
Awesome film,just a wonderful experience in the theater. very proud to be a part of it.
You are a brilliant filmmaker.
Great Performances throughout!
Thanks again Man,
Hey Sarah,
Well, if August is having success with that plan then I congratulate him. Getting people to buy tickets for movies they don’t go to–wow.
That might be a little out of my league. I’d rather have them send the money directly to me.
But, thanks for the tip.
Thanks Mona,
It is a logic I genuinely don’t understand. Unless, I actually do understand it and my instinct tells me it is nothing more complicated than cowardice. I risked 6 years of my life to make this film; no income, no guarantee of success on the other end–and these people won’t take a financial risk to support a film that people are responding to WHEN THEY KNOW ABOUT IT.
I’m still in transit; in more ways than one.
My best to you.
Screenwriter John August has a movie coming out which he wrote/directed. On his blog he’s imploring people that don’t live in New York or LA to buy online tickets to the screenings there, because this is the best way to ensure the film will get anywhere else. I am guessing this strategy could work just as well for Delirious?
Roughly translated:
“You were right about the advertising. We should have run a larger one in LA.”
I can’t see why they didn’t run the same size ad for both cities. Obviously it did its job in NY, and this proves it.
So you have the comfort of being right, not that it really helps much.
Drive safe!

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