2:10 TO ZIMA

September 18, 2007

Just a quick observational note: Perhaps some of you have noticed the advertising campaign for the new alt western 2:10 To Zima. Perhaps you have noticed the ads for this movie are everywhere and are in just about every SIZE and form known to man. I saw one on the side of a bus on Broadway today. Here's one thing that struck me.

You know the colon between the 2 and the 1 in 2:10? If you took just one of the dots of the colon and put it beside the largest ad Gestation ever took out for Delirious the dot would be bigger.

 Just thought you'd like to know that.

I'm working on the next installment of Writer's Blogck. I hope to have something tomorrow. By 2:10.

I agree Kevin.
As I said, SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS, resonates today just as powerfully as it did in the mid 50’s when it was made. Again, among its many, many glories I still have to marvel at the courage of Burt Lancaster for producing it as well as starring in it. The same goes for Tony Curtis whose performance revealed the real talent beneath the “ice cream face.”
Tom, speaking of the films already listed on the RECOMMENDED page, I’m glad you included SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS. It’s one of a kind.
Paul Nelson and William MacAdams wrote about it: “No one in the film gets killed or even fires a gun or wields a knife. Only one person is beaten up. Yet this is one the darkest, most violent noir films ever made, and the overall psychological destruction is certainly criminal.” The movie contains some of the most visceral dialogue ever written.
No, Mona,
I says what I means and I means what I says;
2:10 To Zima.
Tell Croweboy to bring it on.
You mean 3:10 to Yuma?
Careful, Tom. They’ll send Russell Crowe after you. He’ll go Hotel Desk Phone on your ass.
Hey Damien,
Many thanks to you and your father.
Gestation is of course a fictitious name grabbed by me on the run during some earlier posts that had me stumbling through describing the “birth” of the film in reproductive metaphors. I admit to its choice as ironic but I didn’t appreciate the level of irony until just now when you pointed it out. I’ve always said I’ve appreciated the fact that Gestation financed the film and attempted to distribute it. But, their inexperience, poor communication skills, arrogance and defensiveness did no one any good. Combine that with the fact that they really could not afford even the most basic release and what you have is this current state of affairs.
I will gladly put some films down that have inspired me over the years. I will post them on the RECOMMENDED page above. I hope some of them inspire you as well.
Very best to you,
Hi, Tom,
A dictionary defines “gestation” as ‘the period during which an embryo develops.’ However, their name, Gestation, that is, is misleading, since they seem more like abortionists to me.
O, well, like my father would say “fuck ’em.” It may not be much, but I got your back, bud.
On another note, if you have a moment, could you name me a few of your favourite films. I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately (unfortunately not Delirious), and thought some of your faves might guide me toward some interesting viewing.
Looking forward to 2:10.
Take care,

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