April 13, 2010

I used to spend days writing these posts. But, things are happening so fast it seems better to just write when the impulse hits.

I'm in Paris. No matter what I say to myself I can't really convince myself of this fact. Two days ago I was down at the Angelika in NYC introducing the film on Saturday night. But, yet, here I am.

Today in Paris

In my jetlag dream state it is nice to have someone looking over my shoulder.

I start 3 days of press here tomorrow morning with John Densmore. The film is being released in France by MK2 in June. We'll come back for more press then and do press for England, which is opening the film in July. So, Tamara; keep your eyes open. There should be major announcements about the UK theatrical release very soon.

The flight over was rough. Trying to sleep in the seat was like trying to take a nap in a shopping cart. I ended up on the floor. Still can't believe I got 45 minutes of shut-eye down there between the seats.

I looked at the comments as soon as I got into the hotel. They mean more to me than any review. Please forgive me for not writing back to each of you personally. I might not be able to do that for a while. And please don't misunderstand if I mention a comment or two in particular; all the comments are enormously uplifting and inspiring.

But, right now you should check out what these folks have shared: Jim, Tamara, Cathy, Sam, Smolley, Tommy, Mike McK, B. Williams and Suzannah. Thank you all so much. Something is going on. There's a little flame flickering. People are going to see the film despite the fact that most people don't even know where it's playing.

I know much of that has to do with you. Just look at what Miss Lindsey has done. She went to see the film 3 times, and dragged her friends with her. Lindsey, your comment meant the world to me. I know you can't be more than 18. I'm incredibly impressed that you have such a profound love for and interest in the Doors. Give your Dad some credit; he's the one who turned you on to them.

I still don't know what the producers are planning in terms of pushing harder now that we have this great opening but they should be grateful to Lindsey for personally buying so many tickets. I know they are pleased. I know they want the film to reach as many people as possible. But, I hope they put that into some advertising to let people know not only is the film still alive it is kicking hard.

I took a long walk after waking up from an intense sleep. Took this picture after wandering into an open doorway.

Women Seem Wicked

I  guess it shows my state of mind.

To you all, thanks for the comments. They really do keep me going.

I absolutely LOVED the movie, but then again, I knew I would! I wrote a review about it and biased though it may be, here it is:
Thank you.
I saw the movie last night in Chicago at the Davis Theatre. I am still in Doors land. I absolutely LOVED this movie. I wanted to stay and watch it over again. I want to go on Sunday and sit through it again.
I know it was not the same kind of movie as Oliver Stone did but I did not like his movie and it made me very very depressed and I would never watch it again. But this movie! I just cannot say enough good things about it. You did such a great job.
I listened to the Doors driving to work this morning full blast at 6:45am. Life long Doors fan.
Hey Tom,
I agree w/Salli. As a major fan of yours for so many years when the Internet was just coming into form, it’s great to be able to share and see how others are touched by your artistic expressions too.
For all blog readers who’ve mentioned checking out Tom’s other films now that you’ve heard of him and seen WYS – I highly recommend it. All of them have that soulful and artistic voice that is richly present in WYS.
Chris’s comment on your previous post reiterates my point: you were the absolute best choice to write/direct this film. And I’m thrilled the powers that be noticed that fact and hired you.
Tom, I love seeing all the positive reactions to the film. As far as the critics’ reactions go, I’m finding it fascinating that the these professional scribes are just as divided in their reactions to The Doors today as their counterparts were back in the late 1960s.
Try to take time to enjoy Paris. 🙂
Mr. Dicillo
I’ve seen the movie tonight in montreal, its a great piece of art, when i’ve left the theatre, i’ve said to myself. I guess we can turn the page now. And we could now let them go free in the bliss forever…well something like that…….. all of this words, to say thank you to have made this movie, i hope you have accomplish one of your goal, its was the first time i’ve heard of you and its was a great 1 or 2 year of waiting. Like i’ve said before, the Doors open to me a vast way. They open to me the ’60, the ’50, the ’40, my own experiances, well everything that would create what i will become, and i’m only 20! And now, researching for When you’re strange 1 or 2 years ago, i Virtualy Meet you, and now i’m interested to see you’re other movies. Well thank you, and i hope to see you someday!
Lindsey Taylor
Scratch what I said earlier about the film not being shown at the Angelika anymore! One of my professors actually informed me that you’re doing another Q&A on Saturday night after the 7:30 showing? Hopefully he’s right so I can finally congratulate you in person.
I know I’ll have to wait in a long line of crazy fans outside but I promise you half the theater will be filled with my friends who are aspiring film makers and photographers and have grown to look up to you just like I have this past week.
Hopefully we’ll see you then!
Hey all,
If anyone is planning to see WYS in Atlanta this wkd, please read the info on site. All details are there; in short, Atlanta downtown traffic will be a mess this wkd so allow extra time.
Brittney, you mentioned your plans to drive from AL and see it again-just didn’t want you or anyone else to get stuck.
Thx and hope Paris is going well Tom!
take a time at my birthday party at my home…call nico, the only one french fan club president….
Stuart Henderson
Will you and John be taking the time to visit Jim’s Grave while in paris?
The film airs tomorrow night in Kingston, Ontario and I’ll be there with bells on and a group of friends as well. I plan to take pictures to post with a review. Kingston is showing the film twice – tomorrow night and Sunday afternoon…due to popular demand!
In the meantime, here’s a positive review from the Vancouver Sun. tragic rise fall demigod/2904333/story.html
Canada loves The Doors and we’re going to love WYS too!
Enjoy Paris Tom and all points in between.
Rai Mechem
Good to hear from you, Tom. I was hoping to get down to Somerville this week, but no luck. I did, however, corner some folks from the Music Hall up here in Portsmouth, NH, who came to hang flyers in my bookstore. Told them they needed to show this doc about The Doors. First the woman thought it was a documentary about doors – huh??? but then she caught on and had me write down all the particulars. THEN she tells me she saw The Doors at her college in a “small room” and didn’t appreciate them at the time. I think it was SUNY Oswego, back in 1967 – holy fuck. She promised to email me if they would be showing it. Her eyes lit up when I mentioned Johnny Depp, but that is the usual reaction for both women & men (my husband in particular) when his name is spoken. Enjoy your time over there & hope to see WYS soon.
xxx Rai
Lindsey Taylor
The film is definitely still alive and kicking! All the shows I’ve been to this week at the Angelika have been almost half full and the crowd still erupts in applause as the final credits are rolling like they did last Friday night. I think one of the best parts of the whole experience is turning around and seeing peoples faces. You can tell the ones who’ve seen it before (we just have a big smile on our face) to the people who are seeing it for the first time. They have that kind of shocked/disbelief look on their face like they don’t really believe what they just saw. I feel like telling them “there are no fucking actors in this movie” but I’m pretty sure you explain it better with your story from the first showing and all. I hope you are able to see these reactions and know that what you’ve created really does touch people.
Anyhow, I know the producers must like me for buying so many tickets but I know the girl at the box office at the Angelika thinks I’m pretty weird for showing up there all the time. You probably think its strange too but please believe me when I say that I haven’t enjoyed something this much…ever.
I really do hope the producers push harder to let it play a while longer. Do you think they will? But if not, I will have seen the film 5 times and enjoyed it immensely every single time.
Profitez de votre temps à Paris! (Enjoy your time in Paris!)
i would like to be in your next film. i am an unknown. but i would like to be in your film anyway. perhaps as a floor mat or a chandelier.
i await your reply with kindest regards.
tu doit aller vers Alejandro Jodorowsky. les nuits mecredit. cabaret mistico. vas-y la et dits moi qu’est ce que ce passe ?
I am sure I speak for many of us when I say that this a wonderful journey, to see what word of mouth and a genuine love for film can do for a single piece of art.
For me it is another chapter in a most fascinating career, one which goes from strength to strength.
Thank YOU Tom, for sharing this adventure with us 🙂
Tom, you are a breath of sanity in a bizarre world, BACK DOOR MAN!
“Trying to sleep in the seat was like trying to take a nap in a shopping cart” – –
Tom, I do love your way with words 🙂
If I remember right, one of my favorite interviews of you was with MK2–Lea Rinaldi who did the black & white interview where you had fun w/the camera during the “Delirious” release. Hope someone records some of the press events this go-round. Would be great for youtube viewing.
Best of luck w/jet lag and great to see your post!

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