August 7, 2010

Interesting new organization

I don't usually get involved with political groups but when founder and co-mama Ursula Forage contacted me asking for a pledge I complied without hesitation.

Ursula said her members, which now only number around 1000 in the entire continental USA, felt uncomfortable having Palin appropriate their image and identity for her ultra-Right vision of America.

"We don't see her having grizzly qualities at all, " states Forage. "Her claws and teeth are too small; she's much more like a mouse or tundra rat."

Hey Mario,
Crazy here too. Crazy in the world.
I love that gas station. All the footage from HWY had no sound. So, rather than fill it up, so to speak, with every sound possible, I decided to just use one or two specific sounds; like the bell you mentioned. Like the striking match. We also put a general murmer of voices underneath.
I did find out just recently the meaning of the hand signal the attendant gives as Jim drives away. I always thought it was just some kind of whacky way of saying, later dude. No, with the five fingers turned to face downward, a car fanatic explained this to me, the guy is indicating that Jim’s Shelby has 5 forward gears and in this gesture he is encouraging him to put them all “on the floor.”
I’m re-reading this great oral history of the punk movement in the US, called Please Kill Me. You should check it out. I’d forgotten how intensely the Doors affected people like Iggy Pop. In fact Elektra signed Iggy too. There are some great recollections of Jim hanging out in NYC.
Peace, brother.
Hope you have been well, a little crazy here. . .You know the gas station scene still blows me away. I love how you hear the bell when the car drives over the hose, does anybody remember those days? Did you embellish all those sounds? Hang five! Occasionally I go over to the doors boards, there can be some interesting discussions, e.g.’, Manson. . .You know one thing your film highlights and I do thing is new and relevant is how playful Morrison was on stage, I love it.
Wild child
Full of grace!
Hey Mike McK,
That is a profoundly interesting question; how would Jim Morrison have responded to Sarah Palin? I know how he felt about Anita Bryant, the homophobic anti-smut queen of Miami who used his performance to fuel her crusade.
But, I agree with you. There needs to be more people who openly laugh in the face of thes Moronicans.
Hey Val,
Welcome. Thanks so much for writing.
Yeah, I agree with you. I don’t see how anyone with the barest degree of brain matter can look at the world around us now and not say What The F–k?!!
The crazy thing is young people were saying this intensely 40 years ago. They said it so loud that for a moment they changed the world. I think we are on the verge of another outcry. We need one badly.
9-11 has turned America into a xenophobic, hysterically brittle nation of moron worshippers.
Thanks so much for the support. I wish you the best.
Hey Adam,
Thanks very much for your comment. I’m really glad you liked the film. A tremendous amount of work went into it and it is sincerely rewarding to see that you caught the spark of it.
Great rhythm and energy in those words you sent.
Artists are always politically involved, simply because the nature of art is to question the status quo. Within any generation, the way in which we define our human society will always be two steps behind where we need to be. Sarah Palin is five steps behind, at least from this Canadian feminist’s perspective. Thanks for your artistry Tom, and your wide open mind and heart. I’ve just found your blog today, so this wish is late but genuine, congratulations on the Emmy. I’m going to put you on my blog roll, so I can share your work with my fellow writers and poets. Have a wonderfully creative and happy August, Tom!
Adam Tevis
Tom that was a Hell of a movie! Moved like the Desert Night waiting to burn! Don’t let the bastards drag you down. Can’t remember where that Raven coughed obsidion- tumbling down- down tumbling round stuttering sounds – Love the good Long Dark American Night. Did you know across the Ocean there are Crows building secret tools – sliding down domes – Russian thrones – moving silvery in secret flight, full out in wild grok. Thought you might enjoy that, Cause I sure as hell appreciated your tale man…
Stuart Henderson
Tom, best Wishes, from Edinburgh Scotland, Im off to see WYS AGAIN!
Mike McK
Good Luck with the new films Tom .
Sooooo what do we all think Mr. Morrison would of thought or said about Little Miss Palin.
Interesting, huh ?
(Hej Tom!)
Did you stop it to consider?
How it will feel
Cold, grinded grizzly bear jaws
Hot on your heels
Do you often stop and whisper?
It’s Saturday’s shore
The whole world’s a savior
Who could ever, ever, ever
Ever, ever, ever
Ask for more?
Do you remember?
Will you stop?
Will you stop?
The pain
And there will never be
Another one like you
There will never be
Another one who can
Do the things you do, oh
Will you give another chance?
Will you try, little try?
Please stop and you remember
We were together, anyway, all right
How you must of think and wondered
How I must feel
Out on the meadows
While you run the field
I’m alone for you
And I cry
The sweat, look at it
Optical promise
Heh, heh, heh
You’ll be dead and in hell
Before I’m born
Sure thing
Brides maid
The only solution
Isn’t it amazing?
This image to me is the representation of a dream come true. Any chance there will be a real, live version?
The work Ursula Forage and her fellow grizzlies are doing is certainly admirable. Going after phonies and impostors is a noble cause. It seems somebody got scared at hearing the news, though.
LOL!!! Thanks for the chuckle on today’s image 🙂 I think you could also get every wolf roaming in the wild to join in the Grizzly cause. Yanno, because the &^%*%&^ woman shoots them from the air–for sport! GRRRRRRRR.
Thx for the giggle,

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