November 7, 2010

Slide On

The Black & Blue Orkestre has completed a new track, called Slide On. It's kind of a funk, gospel rocker that started as a semi-instrumental. Our bass player Grog suggested I write some real lyrics and it ends up she was right. I played some guitar on this one; Will played a lot more.

I enjoy this trans-global collaboration. I've met Grog once. We've never been in a studio together. Will has been over to my apartment for an hour and actually recorded some guitar for Will Been Done, another track of ours, but he started over when he got back to London and we threw it all out. Interesting what happens when ego simply disappears.

I'm in the middle of directing an episode of a dramatic series for network television. The cast is amazing. The writing is very strong. This one's a little different from the other ones I've done. It's kind of like a high-speed bullet train, sleek, taut and absolutely no room for error. Needless to say the pressure is intense. But, I feel good and am having a great time. Won't come up for air until November 23.

By then Black & Blue might have an EP together.

Hey Christian,
Great to hear from you. You were really great in the Good Wife episode. It was wonderful to work with you. You always brought something clear and specific to every take. I think you will be very pleased when you see the final cut. I just finished my Director’s Cut today.
I’m also really glad you liked When You’re Strange. I remember talking about it with you and Josh Charles. Are you a massive Doors fan?
The reason I ask is because of the way you so clearly recognized Morrison in all the footage. I did too when I was researching. It never occured to me for a second that it wasn’t Jim.
But, as they all said, people are strange. I salute your eye and perception. Trust me, it is rare these days.
Hey Tom,
Just watched “When You’re Strange” on Netflix. Loved it. Beautiful portrait of Jim you painted there–a lovely contrast to the buffoon that Kilmer and Stone created. I was looking out for places where the real footage of Jim could have been mistaken for re-enactments (remembering what you’d said about the Sundance critics) and I saw none. It was clearly him the whole time. Such idiots.
Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thank you again for having me on The Good Wife. It was a great experience working with you. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
All the best to you Tom, and happy holidays
Hey Salli,
So nice to hear from you. I like the Good Wife too. There is some really fine acting on the show and it is one of those rare TV shows that doesn’t make you feel like an idiot.
I’ll keep you posted on when it will air. Most likely mid to end of December.
Hey Maria,
that is great news about When You’re Strange opening in Spain. I know the company releasing it and I like them a lot. I hope it does well. Perhaps you can keep us informed as to what happens in Espangna.
Hey Christine,
Thanks so much for your continued support. I’m glad you like our music. I’m taking a little break for a month and then I think Will and I will focus on getting an EP out.
The thing is the music takes just as much time, thought and effort as the filmmaking does. It is hard to balance between the two.
But, the rewards are much more immediate.
Hey Roland,
Thanks very much for writing. Which scene were you in on The Good Wife? Thanks for your kind words. I did enjoy myself. The crew was very welcoming and supportive. If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it is to genuinely respect the crew. Whatever respect you give them they give it back in spades.
The actors were amazing to work with too. I take my job seriously. I like to joke around as much as the next joker but ultimately I’ve been hired to do a job and so, that is what I do.
I’m glad you had a good time.
Hey Wayne,
Yeah, Will did a good job getting all the songs up on Facebook.
Sounds like things are going well at film school.
The TV show (The Good Wife) turned out well. All the actors are amazing and the writing was very strong. I’ll keep you posted on when it shows.
Hey Elaine,
Sorry for the late reply. Directing these TV shows takes a tremendous amount of time and concentration.
I’m glad you like the new song. It is one of my favorites.
I think the episode of The Good Wife will air sometime in December. I will let you know.
Interesting news about the pardon possibilities. Though, I must say, I agree with the guy who wrote in to the NY Times and said, the Jim he loved was the Jim he loved, the pardon with all due disrespect, is meaningless.
I hope all is going will with you.
Tom, how great that you’re working on “The Good Wife.” I love the show. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and when will we hear more about the new show, film projects, and more songs.
Hello Tom,
Good news!! Finally, The Doors documentary “When you’re strange” opens in Spain. Release date: 10 december 2010.
Greetings from Madrid
Interesting news on the Doors Facebook page…the governor of Florida is seeking an official pardon for Jim Morrison. A bit late, but hey…
Hey Tom,
You know I’m waiting on that EP with bated breath! I LOVE The Black & Blue Orkestre’s sound. Slide On has a rather haunting quality to it…I like it too.
Take it easy and enjoy the processes!
I had a chance to see you in action last week during the filming of “The Good Wife” episode. I was there as a background actor (#29, to be specific), and was very impressed with your directing style and professionalism. Hope to work with you again someday.
Best regards,
Wayne Byrne
Hey Tom, excellent Facebook page, I can now listen to all the tunes! 🙂 I can’t to see whatever show you are directing!
I get my first taste of film production in two weeks, out of my class my own film idea was chosen by the lecturer to be filmed based on the storyboards I drew, I can wait, my first taste of life as a director…well, of a student short 🙂
Hope all is well, man.
Hey Tom,
I LIKE this new one! Unique sounds and lyrics – hey, I’d buy the EP or go to a show if y’all ever decide to tour 🙂
Sounds like an interesting directing gig you’ve got going…enjoy and let us know when it will air so we can catch the episode(s) you direct, k?

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