September 16, 2011

The Black & Blue Orkestre has been at it again. We just did a cover of the Trogg's "With A Girl Like You."

It's the usual suspects;  Grog on bass and additional vocals; Will Crewdson on rhythm and lead guitar and DiCillo on vocals, arrangement and rhythm guitar.

The idea was to kind of dust it off and muck it up.

Let us know if you think we succeeded.


Rai Mechem
Must correct my previous Freudian slip – it was COUNTRY Dick Montana, not Big Dick Montana. What was I thinking??
🙂 Rai
Hey Rai,
I will check out the Beat Farmers and the anatomically correct Country Dick Montana. Thanks for your kind words and the quick flash of your freudian slip. The next one up is a classic but done in our own way. I think you will like it even more.
I do appreciate the feedback and the support, Rai.
My best to you,
yore pal,
Rai Mechem
Hi Tom,
I love it! It has a Beat Farmers, Big Dick Montana feel to it. You’ll have to lower your voice several octaves to get as low as the late BDM did, but nonetheless I like what you’ve done. Keep it up.
Your pal,
Hey Tom,
YES! You absolutely succeeded. Great song, love the mix of vocals and instruments. Yanno, a while back I was listening to the commentary on “Box of Moonlight” which is where your first song “Gun Control” was played. And you made some kind of light remark about maybe one day you’d just have to write more songs and become the next Merle Haggard.
I’d say you’ve done better than that – I love the Black & Blue Orkestre’s music! Y’all need to make a CD 🙂
Keep up the great work and hope your films are still inching forward –
Hey Elaine,
Thanks so much for this great comment. I started making music for films with my first one. I wrote all the songs Johnny Suede sings, and the one Nick Cave sings called “Mamma’s Boy.” But, this little side gig of making music with Will and Grog is extremely enjoyable and gratifying. Both are amazing musicians. Wait till you hear the next one, coming up soon. I think it will be the one that completes our first collection.

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