Best Restraint from Homicide Award

November 2, 2023
I’ve received a few awards for my films, but this one for Double Whammy holds a special place in my heart. The plaque reads, “Best Restraint from Homicide before, during, and after the making of a Motion Picture.”
I’m still honored to be the first and only recipient of this award.
The film took four years to finance. It premiered at Sundance and was bought by Lionsgate, yet despite a signed legal contract, it was never released theatrically in the US.
For a filmmaker, that’s fairly similar to sliding backward down a mountain right into the ocean and being swallowed by a whale on its way to Antarctica.
One unexpected result, though, was learning that Double Whammy won Best Film at the 3rd Annual Straight To Video Awards. Of course, I flew out to LA for the ceremony. The theater was jammed, but the vibe was strange indeed. Robbie Robertson spoke my mind when he got up and said, “Is it just me, or does this whole event seem like an episode of The Twilight Zone?”
A few years later, it prompted me to adjust the award myself to make it more accurate. It still makes me smile when I walk by it.
Watch Double Whammy here.

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