FROZEN SUNSET by the Black & Blue Orkestre

April 2, 2012

Here is a music video together for Frozen Sunset, a new instrumental track by The Black & Blue Orkestre.

The idea was that our little 3 person consortium, spread out like it is between NY, LA and London, would film themselves in their own separate environments, just the way we collaborate. Grog, Will and I have met each other, but we have never played together, nor recorded in the same room as The Black & Blue Orkestre.

I think the video captures something of the track; and a little something of ourselves.



Hi Tom —
I love this Black & Blue Orkestre material. It’s consistently excellent — and your lyrics and singing are great. So far, my favorites are the two “Frozen” songs, you guys seem to be digging deeper and deeper into the vibe and finding rich veins. And, yes, the video is fun — it would be great to see more. Seeing the comments on this page about the top-notch appearance of the DiCillo hair was very funny and reminded me of a fine music doc I saw recently: Martin Scorsese’s George Harrison movies. My brother noted: “wow, George always had such incredible hair!” Which Paul commented on quite well when talking about their early days. Of course, George had a few other things going for him as well.
Thanks also to your answers to comments here, they are often as interesting, revealing, and funny as your actual posts. Yup, the changes to film and music industries — and the ways that artists are able to reach their audiences — are pretty gargantuan and can be more than a little daunting. Whatever the case, I’m dying to get a CD from the Orkestre!
Hearing about the scripts in the pipeline is very enticing — it would be great news indeed to hear about another DiCillo project moving forward!
All the best,
Hey Carl,
Nice to hear from you. I appreciate the time you spent reading, and obviously listening as well. I think your observations about the music are astute and reflect some of my own. We stumbled upon something richer with the two Frozen tracks and we’re trying to unify the sound based on our pleasure with what we found. And yes, the Hair. What can I tell you? I like it long. It may have something to do with the fact that the old man made me have a buzzcut until I was 17.
The Scorsese documentary on George Harrison was extremely well done. I was amazed to learn some of the things about him. His musicianship really impressed me.
There are things in the pipeline though sometimes the pipeline feels like it may be in Antarctica.
Dear Tom,
I was wondering if you have any active plans to make a new movie in the near future? (And I hope this question hasn’t been asked to you so much that it’s grating).
I am familiar with your historical struggles with the movie making process, but I do hope that you aren’t too disenchanted, and that we’ll see something new from you. This isn’t particularly a reaction to your musical ambitions of late, but it does seem like it’s anything but my initial begging question.
I mean, there’s so much movies out there, at every degree of artistic merit and cost. And new technology, I feel, more and more, empowers the artist with its affordability, increasing quality, and independence. You have a solid reputation, so there must be a way for you to realise a new project.
I’m a fan of your work, and would like to see more. 🙂
Hey Damien,
Thanks for writing. “Active plans?” Brother, my plans are always active. I’ve got three scripts I’ve been trying to make for 5 years. The music is an attempt to keep from going insane because the environment out there right now is brutal. The change that has happened to the CD and record business is happening to the film world. I don’t think we even have a clue yet how or where it is going to end up but it is clear some massive changes are in the wind regarding how films are made and how people watch them.
I have learned over the last few years that while my reputation is a fine thing it is absolutely meaningless in terms of raising money. I’m not disenchanted. This is a fact. It has always been difficult for me to find money because my films have never brought in huge audiences. I’m more than happy to make a film for nothing again and most likely that is where I’m headed. But, don’t think that just because technology has gotten cheaper it means there is more of a chance for a film to be seen. In order for it to get on a movie screen it needs to be bought and promoted by a distributor. And, since times are hard for them too, they are taking fewer and fewer chances spending money on films that don’t have big stars or that will guarantee box office.
I will make another film. It may be a tri-lingual porno film starring Sarah Palin but I will make another film.
Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the Palin porn. 🙂
I just saw the Black & Blue Orkestre’s Facebook page – with the photos and the layout of the 3 of you with the band name. Incredible!!!! You should post them here on the blog when you get a minute. The band photo of the 3 of you was incredible.
Thanks Elaine. I thought the changes on the Black & Blue page turned out pretty well too. I’ll see what I can do about getting some of the images up here.
hey Rai & Elaine,
Thank you both for observing one of the more powerful visual elements of the video. I think many successful musicians would admit that hair almost equals talent. Just look at Justin Bieber.
But, lest we forget, “Hair today, gone tomorrow.”
Rai Mechem
Cool video, Tom. And it ranks very high on the DiCillo Hair-o-Meter.
xxx Rai
I agree w/you, Rai. Excellent hair & outfits. And I really like Grog’s purple hair as well…
Wayne Byrne
Hey Tom,
The video is fantastic! There is a great rhythm to the editing. Some of the imagery reminds me of some of the more surreal aspects of your work throughout your career. The visuals now give the song an extra dimension; whereas the song previously brought to mind certain popular bands, now I think of it in terms of film music thanks to the evocation of a certain small history of film that the combination of the images and music conjured for me. When I hear it I think of everything from down n’dirty exploitation biker films (that will be the good ol’ whammy bar probably) right through to David Lynch, I’m thinking somewhere between the simultaneously majestic and nightmarish worlds of Wild at Heart and Twin Peaks. There’s grit and attitude in the guitars and the beat, yet there’s a melancholic tone to the keyboard patch and the reverbed/chorused bass and guitar. It’s up there with the great work that Jim Farmer and Anton Sanko did on your films; given the right film and images to work with the music of The Black and Blue Orkestre would work beautifully in the field of film music.
The fly-on-the-wall stuff is fascinating also.
Here’s to more!
Hey Wayne, glad you liked it. I think all your visual and musical references are cool. I’ve always felt there is something inherently visual in all music. At times it can really take you on a trip. Or just a sound can make some subconscious picture blossom in your brain.
Also, I must confess to an addiction to the whammy bar. I could listen to that sound for hours.
Thanks for listening, and watching.
Hot damn!!!!!!
Wow. I am speechless. Amazing. Fantastic. Artistic. Unique. None of the adjectives that I am racking my brain to locate seem to convey the feeling I have after watching that. You three have *GOT* to do this more often with your songs! I loved it! *offers Southern smile with longing plea for more videos*
Adding in the scenery and watery color was perfect. The instrumental groove and the visuals meshed wonderfully.
There may not be enough crack in the world to get you to sing live, my friend, but I would officially fly to even London to see the 3 of y’all on stage. This video was amazing. Fantastic job!!!!
Hey Elaine,
Thanks so much for your wonderful words and impassioned support. I had a great time making this video. I bought an editing program for a hundred bucks and it was such a thrill being able to play around with these images and find the shape. I love cutting images to music. Usually it takes a financial miracle to get into an editing room with footage.
Well, I did spend $1.39 on the food coloring I dropped into the glass of water on my window sill.
And yes, we’d like to do more. More videos, not crack.
You’re very welcome 🙂 I’m happy to hear that y’all are planning to do more videos. This one was great, and I wanna see more!
After watching it several times, I also wanted to note that I loved how the coloring in the water blends in with the real sunset from your windowsill at the end.
Beautiful, and I really do want to see y’all live onstage someday! But until that time, more videos would be great. Happy for you that you get to mix music and film again!

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