Dave Chappelle in The Real Blonde

October 17, 2023
The Real Blonde is the only film I’ve made for a studio. The budget was higher, and so was the pressure to cast Stars in every role. The battle to cast Catherine Keener in the part I’d written for her almost cost me the film.
That’s why it was such a thrill to slip Steve Buscemi into a cameo as Nick Reve from Living In Oblivion. In the film, Nick has become so successful he’s directing a Madonna video. There was initial interest from Chris Rock to play G, his Assistant Director. Although disappointed when Chris had to pass, I was thrilled with another young comic that casting director Avy Kaufman had brought to my attention: Dave Chappelle.
Dave was still four years away from his own Comedy Central show. He was a joy to work with, committed, brilliant and hilarious. I quickly developed great fondness and respect for him. He and Steve were like lightning together. Shooting their brief scenes took me back to those innocent early days of working with best friends under utterly miserable conditions.
In this scene, Nick is quietly requesting G to move all the beach boy extras with the best-looking asses to the front row.
Watch The Real Blonde here.

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