October 5, 2020

DELIRIOUS; Official Director's Cut Clips

Les hires Toby for free.
Les (Steve Buscemi) is a loner NYC paparazzi. Toby (Michael Pitt) is a homeless kid Les met the night before and allowed, against his better judgement, to spend the night.

In this clip Les wakes up to find Toby still in his apartment.


Gina Gershon in Delirious.
Gina Gershon is wonderful as Dana, a casting director in Delirious. In this clip she's attending a benefit called Soap Stars Against STD. Les knows the event publicist (the venerable Lynn Cohen) and is shooting stills in exchange for free food for himself and Toby. Toby sees another opportunity in Dana.


Thrown Out.
No one is funnier when angry than Steve Buscemi. But Melissa Rauch in this clip is more than his equal. I love the sound of both their voices. Melissa plays Megan, a PR exec guarding the door outside a VIP room Les desperately wants into.


Toby's Dream Walk.
I've always loved putting images to music. The combination can create something infinitely larger--especially if any kind of genuine emotion is involved.

In this clip Toby is walking home (back to Les' dingy basement apartment). He's just spent the night with K'harma (Alison Lohman) and every step evokes the memory of his bliss with her. Composer Anton Sanko's luscious score here pulses like the beating of two lovers' hearts.

There are more than a few visual nods to Stanley Donen's Singin' In The Rain. And New York City is ever magnificent.


Shove It.
This clip contains a good part of the full-length music video I shot for Delirious. I wrote the song for K'harma Leeds (Alison Lohman) to present as a World Premiere Video at the MTV Music Awards.

Alison did all of her own singing, dancing and punching. It was a blast to shoot. It was her first day of filming and she literally dove right in. In this clip Les has actually gained access to the VIP backstage. He leaves Toby for a moment just as the video premiere begins.


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Martin Lewis
Hi Tom,
I have seen all your films and own them on DVD, and also your books I just wanted to let you know how much your art means to me I have been following you for a long time!
I did see Delirious in the cinema in Australia twice and once with a friend, we agreed people don’t understand satire and art I loved it!I have the DVD and will need to upgrade to the blu ray of this and Living in Oblivion!
I hope to see a new film one day from you?
You inspire me to make my own no budget films hope you are well and enjoying life during these pandemic times thanks always
Marty from down under!
Ps lines like Little Ricky Lapinski glad I imported the US copy of Double Whammy for the comm track and widescreen edition or dialogue in the real blond about Illpiano or saying the whole name of the child you crack me up big time is so funny and moving!

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