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April 1, 2021

I've known Scott Macaulay at Filmmaker Magazine for over 20 years. He's been at the forefront of NY Independent film, producing some of the most memorable independent films of the past few decades. One early memory was of him sharing a flight with me and Steve Buscemi to Rotterdam in 1996. We were all heading blind into some sort of consortium at the Rotterdam Film Festival purporting to be about raising money in Europe for Independent Films. To this day I cannot remember what happened there or if I ever raised a dime. The only thing that lingers is that during a short layover in Iceland Scott and I talked about our lives for a moment at a kiosk in the airport over coffee-flavored croissants and prune-flavored coffee.

And so here, 20 years later, we hooked up via Zoom and had a long conversation about the Official Director's Cut of Delirious. No croissants and no coffee but infinitely enjoyable.

“In a Strange Way, the Film Feels Absolutely New to Me”: Director Tom DiCillo on the Release of the Director’s Cut of His 2006 Feature, Delirious


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