Film Is the Language of Dream

November 22, 2023

Film is the language of Dream. Every single night in our dreams, we all compose a film entirely by ourselves. We write it, direct it, edit it, light it, shoot it, and even act all the parts. I think that's why when we gather in the darkness and watch one flickering dream in unison, film becomes the purest form of communion, holy or otherwise. It carries the potential for the greatest human connection. The best films show us ourselves—all aspects of ourselves—without judgment or condemnation.

And to hear people laugh—I mean really laugh at something that originated somewhere in your brain—that is truly miraculous. In fact, I do see cinema as a more realistic and truly inspirational kind of religion, at least a religion that doesn't insist upon pain or self-loathing from its participants. This may be why sitting through a bad film is like being in church for me.

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