The Director’s Cut (2020)

Writer/Director: Tom DiCillo
Cast: Steve Buscemi, Michael Pitt, Alison Lohman, Gina Gershon, Elvis Costello, Callie Thorne, David Wain, Cinque Lee.
Awards: Best Director, Best Screenplay; San Sebastian Intl. Film Festival. Best Picture; HBO Aspen Comedy Arts Festival, Special Jury Prize; Istanbul Intl. Film Festival, Signis Grand Prize; Best Film.
Festivals: Sundance, Seattle, Aspen, San Sebastian.
Music by Anton Sanko.
Streaming Distribution: ShoutFactory.
Blu-ray & DVD: MVD Enterprises.

You put your soul into every film you make. And you love them all. But some you love a little bit more. Delirious is one of those films.

DiCillo and Buscemi on the set of Delirious


Delirious came into being at a point where I'd lost a lot of my joy in the whole film making process. Just as I was about to give it up completely I got the idea for Delirious. It kept poking at me like a stray dog until I finally said to myself, “If you’re going to go through this madness again then do it the way you started. Make it for nothing. Make it with no stars. Make it on the streets of New York. Make it like it’s the first film you’ve ever made.”

I wrote the film for Steve Buscemi because I knew he was the only one for the role. But, when I first showed him the script he said no. It took over a year of persistence, patience and begging for him to say yes. I am eternally grateful that he did. I think his performance is brilliant; raw, hilarious and completely fearless.

The rest of the cast is equally superb. Gina Gershon is a total trip, revealing a sexy, comic verve that cracks like a whip. Alison Lohman dove headfirst into pop diva K’arma Leeds, bringing a great warmth and depth to this lost soul.

I chose the title Delirious because it means, “A state of happiness so intense it verges on lunacy.” It seemed like a good word to describe the people in the film. They don’t want to just be happy–they want to be so happy they’re almost insane. I wrote the film because I was interested in Fame; who wants it, who gets it and what people do once they do get it.

This is the Official Director's cut of Delirious. It took 13 years to get it restored. The story of how that miracle occured is described in the clip below. The Blu-ray offers the full music video of Alison Lohman performing “Take Your Love And Shove It,” a clip of which is also featured below. In addition the Blu-ray includes Stalking Delirious, a film about the making of the film with Steve Buscemi and Tom DiCillo.

Once Delirious was finished the producers were generous enough to provide literally no ads or publicity for the release. So, at the urging of my friend Chioke Nassor we wrote and shot 3 Promo spots to help promote the film; Casting Michael Pitt, Steve Buscemi is Pissed and the Gina Gershon Sex Tape.




DiCillo and Buscemi on the set of Delirious

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  1. ibises smith says:

    The promotional materials for Delirious are absolutely hilarious!

  2. Leesa says:

    Hey Tom… I’m a little confused. I ordered the Blu-Ray of Delirious… I have the old DVD… You mention here that “The DVD of Delirious contains the Director’s Cut of the film.” I assume you mean the New soon-to-be-released DVD and Blu-Ray?

    The DVD I’ve owned for years is the “Theatrical Cut”?

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