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January 19, 2024
I love putting music and film together. There is a moment when you first try a piece of music with a film sequence where something miraculous happens. There is an unexpected fusion between the two that springs into life, creating an entirely NEW thing.
All the music in Down In Shadowland does this for me. Finding these tracks gave me an opportunity to score the film in a way I’d never done before. I was able to use entire tracks to create sections that moved the film forward, almost like movements in a symphony.
Through the inspired guidance of my Music Supervisor, Sue Jacobs, I was able to license tracks from some of my favorite musicians. I still can’t believe that Brian Eno’s exquisite piano piece, Lux 4, is in this film. When it appears, it touches a beauty and innocence that lift the final sequence into something almost spiritual.
The same goes for the two tracks by Trentemoller, who has always inspired me with his blend of cool electronic music with guitars and other elements of rock and surf. I even enjoyed the challenge of writing and performing something of my own.
All the tracks lend themselves to taking a strange and beautiful journey. If you like to travel I’d encourage you to embark.
Listen to my Down in Shadowland playlist on Spotify here.

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