Neil Young & Devo

February 1, 2023

Someone very dear to me turned me on to this. (note: when someone you love blows your mind then stick around because you're in the right place).

To say I'm a Neil Young fan is ridiculous verging on idiotic. His musical accomplishments are beyond description and comprehension. I feel the same about Devo. I long to imagine what we'd be hearing if they'd kept making music.

I know it's a few weeks old but this film-music-experience is one for the ages. Just the concept alone of Mark Mothersbaugh singing in a crib as some mutant baby is brilliant. But, the thing that always thrills me and brings me to my knees, is watching the musical interaction between everyone unfold. Let it play. Just as you think it has reached it's peak, everyone takes a breath then they all lunge forward into another spontaneous jam that climbs even higher. Where they go is insanely inspiring.

My absolute admiration to the editor, cinematographers and everyone involved. This is genuine lightning in a bottle.

Let it play.


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