Down In Shadowland (2016)

I have finished a new film; a feature documentary called DOWN IN SHADOWLAND.

From my first step underground in 1976 I was fascinated by the world that existed beneath the streets of NYC. In 2009 I began carrying my video camera on the trains every day trying to capture some of these mysterious and moving human moments I was seeing.

DOWN IN SHADOWLAND was shot over 7 years. The more I shot, the more this shadowy realm of the underground came to illuminate the harsh, frenzied world of reality above ground. In this most populous of public of spaces the film attempts to reveal intensely private human experiences that are at times humorous, emotional and disturbing.

The entire film was shot on a camera just slightly larger than a pack of Marlboros. Most people were aware I was filming them. I did not try to hide the camera but its size helped make it less conspicuous. Nonetheless, the moments I sought were agonizingly elusive. For every ten I saw I was lucky if I captured one.

After two decades in the independent film business it was enormously refreshing to make this film with just me and the camera. My only obligation was to present a film as close as possible to what my eye sees.

The film has been picked up for distribution in 2017 by Factory 25.

“Tom DiCillo has made an extraordinary film that is simultaneously meditative and exhilarating, surreal, and often heartbreakingly beautiful, Down In Shadowland is a masterpiece of keenly observed human experience that transforms the subway underground into something deeply mysterious and mystical.”
-Steve Buscemi

“If the whole of humanity were marched before our eyes, it might resemble Tom DiCillo’s new film, Down In Shadowland, a descent into the subterranean universe of the iconic New York City subway.”
– Barbara Pokras, Woodstock Film Festival

“Hauntingly beautiful. Elusive and poetic.”
-Wayne Byrne,  Film Ireland 

Written/Directed/Filmed/Edited by Tom DiCillo
by 10 Below Films
Music Supervised by Sue Jacobs

Music by Brian Eno, Trentemoeller, Bonobo, Xerxes, Architect, Hol Bauman and Tom DiCillo