September 4, 2022

It’s funny how Americans keep critizing Trump while keeping a senile ready-for-the-urn old man in office. I really see leftism as a mental illness, no matter how bad things get, it’s always the other’s people fault.
To not mention that the ones obssesed with the evil Orange Man are privileged Hollywood stars and forgotten virtue-signaling actors/directors.
Delirious (best Buscemi performance ever) and Living in Oblivion are great, I haven’t seen the rest but I will.
Best regards,
Hey Manuel, thanks for writing. I appreciate your words of support about my films. I might suggest Box of Moonlight next if you felt like watching another.
As far as politics any moron can tell Trump is a scumbag. The truth of that fact can come from the Left, the Right and anywhere outside or in between.

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