Working with Stars

September 27, 2023
I don’t have any qualms about working with stars. There are many who are very gifted and brilliant performers who don’t bring the whole movie star baggage with them. This was our starting point as we were casting The Real Blonde.
Daryl Hannah completely blew my mind. Word came from her agent that she wanted to be in the film. I reacted stupidly, thinking, do I really want a mermaid in this movie? Then, the agent called back and said that Daryl would come in and read for the part. This got my attention right away. I said there must be something she’s reacting to very strongly in the part if she’s willing to come in and audition.
I can’t stress how unusual this is. Most successful actors will not audition; they feel it is humiliating. Yet Daryl came in very calm and professional without a trace of desperation, and I felt an immediate respect for her. Her reading was so amazing I gave her the part right there in the audition room.
She dove headfirst into the role, enjoying it and taking huge risks. I never knew what she was going to do next. At times, her ferocity was startling in the most thrilling way.
(photo from Getty Images)
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