November 23, 2023
Fame has become an intensely complex phenomenon, and I wanted to explore it with Delirious. What is it? Why do we crave it so much? And how do we survive in a world where such lavish attention is poured upon those deemed to be Celebrities? What does this say about us? What does it do to one’s sense of value and worth when someone as perfectly fine but staggeringly unremarkable as Kim Kardashian becomes so important to so many people? Those were questions I wanted to consider.
It’s almost impossible to be in this business and not be astonished by what you see behind the scenes. Some of it is laughable. Some of it is horrific. But this concept of the Manager as a star's professional “Life/Fame/Business Coach” is new to show business. Elvis didn’t have anything like it. Jim Morrison didn’t. To me, it creates a buffer, a kind of insular fantasy world where the star is treated like a precious, permanently helpless infant. Everything is done to create a world where nothing goes wrong, nothing disturbs them, and absolutely everyone absolutely loves them.
Delirious: The Director's Cut is available here.

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